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Recap: The Release Team Shadow Program - Mentoring For the Future

A7c00c292eb7c7bfba6f5eefb7363506?s=47 Yang Li
December 03, 2019

Recap: The Release Team Shadow Program - Mentoring For the Future


Yang Li

December 03, 2019


  1. Recap: The Release Team Shadow Program - Mentoring for the

    Future Yang Li (@idealhack) #k8sjp 2019/12/03
  2. Who am I ? • @idealhack on K8s slack, Twitter,

    and GitHub • Work with Kubernetes since 2017 • Contribute to K8s at my spare time since 2018 • Spend most of my time in SIG Contributor Experience, Release, and Testing • CNCF “Chop Wood Carry Water” award 2019 winner • Been to 5 KubeCons and 4 K8s Contributor Summits, mostly for community and hallway tracks
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  15. Wait, there’re more talks about community!

  16. More talks about community at this KubeCon • Kubernetes Contributor

    Summit on Day 0 (upstream training by Shu, Kenichi, & Akihito) • SIG Release Deep Dive by Stephen Augustus & Hannes Hörl • Kubernetes Release Engineering by Tim Pepper & Stephen Augustus • My Experience Leading a Kubernetes Release Team by Claire Laurence • SIG Contributor Experience Intro and Deep Dive • A Week in the Life of the Kubernetes Community by Dawn Foster & Jorge Castro • More talks in the Maintainer and Community track • Reflections by Kelsey Hightower (my favorite one at this KubeCon)
  17. How did I get started and what I have done?

  18. My journey in the Kubernetes community • SIG Release ◦

    Branch Manager Shadow on the release team of 1.12, 1.13, and 1.15 ◦ Branch Manager Lead on the release team of 1.16 ◦ Patch Release Team member • SIG Contributor Experience ◦ on the staff team of Contributor Summit China and North America, 2018 and 2019 ◦ started APAC Coordinator team to help contributors from APAC regions • SIG Testing ◦ user and contributor of Prow (Kubernetes based CI/CD system)
  19. Takeaways • Shadow program is for both mentees and mentors

    • Use this method at your community or organization • Connect your contribution with your day job and passion
  20. Thank you! @idealhack (feel free to ask me anything!) http://bit.ly/recap-release-shadow