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May 01, 2023

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  1. 収入と幸福度の関係 • 9万ドルで頭打ち • D.カーネマンとか • C.クリステンセンとか • 収入はないと困るが、 •

    あっても幸福度を上げない https://gendai.ismedia.jp/articles/-/41296 https://www.huffingtonpost.jp/mamoru-ichikawa/money-happy_a_23340754/
  2. 心理学における幸福の3要素 • いい意味で現状に満足 • 楽しむ姿勢 • ネガティブ感情が少ない Freakonomicsから https://freakonomics.com/podcast/no-stupid-questions/ DUCKWORTH:

    There’s really three aspects of happiness that are widely used. One is life satisfaction. And then the second is positive emotion, feeling energetic or joyful. Now I know those sound like the same thing, but life satisfaction is thinking that your life is good. Overall you would say, “Oh, I wouldn’t want to trade my life with another’s.” Whereas this positive emotion thing is quite literally feeling positively. And those aren’t exactly the same thing. But the third aspect of happiness is actually very different, and that is the absence of negative emotion — the absence of anxiety and depression, worry and so forth. Those are three aspects. Economists tend to think about life satisfaction more.
  3. 幸運 (ラッキー) な人 • 幸福とは別のものだが、近いものがある • 幸福なのも、幸運なのも、姿勢や態度による • 原則 ◦

    チャンスの機会を最大化する ▪ 据え膳を食う ◦ イイ予感を聞く ▪ 直感に従う ◦ 幸運を期待する ▪ うまくいくっしょ ◦ 不運を好転させる ▪ 〇〇じゃなくてラッキー リチャード・ワイズマン https://richardwiseman.wordpress.com/research/luck-and-self-development/