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Offline logout

Offline logout

Interesting logout use case.


Igor Wojda

March 26, 2018


  1. Solving offline logout By Igor Wojda @igorwojda

  2. Not so long long time ago...

  3. Username & password Login request Other request Other request

  4. Why this is not very secure?

  5. Username & password

  6. Solution?

  7. Token 209eb9bb-2f6c-40d6-a9b9-912257492b61

  8. Token

  9. Token Renewal Timeout

  10. Token per client

  11. Token invalidate

  12. Online Logout

  13. Online logout Logout Request Additional operations

  14. Offline Logout

  15. Offline logout Logout Request X No network

  16. Option 1 – delete device token instantly Logout Request X

    No network
  17. Option 2 – delete device token device when online Logout

    Request X No network
  18. Logout user latter using the token Remove token instantly Goals

  19. Solution?

  20. Token Logout token Authentication token

  21. Token Press logout Is online? Delete authentication token Logout (hit

    logout endpoint sending logout token) Job scheduler runs logout job Invalidate both tokens Unregister device from receiving notifications NO Schedule logout Job YES Is online? YES
  22. • https://android.jlelse.eu/solving -offline-logout-problem- f3b50da49e7eTable salt • https://www.owasp.org/index.p hp/Session_Management_Cheat _Sheet#Session_Expiration •

    https://security.stackexchange. com/questions/29988/what-is- certificate-pinning Materials Worth reading
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