Behavior Driven Testing with Cucumber demystified

Behavior Driven Testing with Cucumber demystified

Behavior Driven Testing (BDT) is the lesser known companion of Behavior Driven Development (BDD). However, BDT can be used without BDD. When looking at the V-Model BDT can be used at the requirement definition level and the functional testing level. In Agile BDT is often used in the form of user stories using the 'given-when-then' format.

These can be used not only to define the behavior of an application but also as input for automated test tools using the Cucumber framework.

In order to create and maintain these user stories in a structured way, a Domain Specific Language (DSL) must be defined. There are some pitfalls when creating and maintaining a DSL both for requirement definition and as input for the automated test process.

These pitfalls will be listed and several solutions will be shown during the presentation. Steven also will highlight the effort required to start with a combination of BDT and an automated as well as the expected knowledge.

With some examples the return on investment can easily be explained, these examples can be translated to other companies without too much difficulty.



March 01, 2013