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Introducing Installfests

Introducing Installfests

At The Google Developers Group Mentors Retreat In March 2015 In Nairobi, Kenya, I Encouraged My Mates From Sub-Saharan Africa To Use Installfests To Fascilitate Open Source Development And Android Study Jams.

Lors de la retraite des GDGs mentors en Mars 2015 à Nairobi, au Kenya, j'ai encouragé mes coequipiers venant dáutres pays de l'Afrique subsaharienne à utiliser les événements Installfests pour faciliter le développement des logiciels Open Source et les applications Androide pendant les Study Jams.


Isaac Kamga

March 15, 2015


  1. Introducing Installfests By Isaac Kamga

  2. The Problems ❖ During Study Jams, Devfests, open source development,

    most developers attested that they find it difficult setting up a good coding environment.
  3. What is it ? ❖ An installfest is an event

    in which techies get together to help each other install Operating systems and related programs.
  4. How is it Organized ? I. Invite experts in Linux,

    Android, Polymer, etc to help newbies get started. II. Get the OS distro or Software e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora, Kali, etc. III. Save these on DVDs or Flash Drives
  5. How is it Organized ? IV. Install the Linux distros

    on computers. V. Get a good Internet connection for OS software updates.
  6. Some Examples

  7. Android Installfests 1. Download Android Studio from 2. Install

    Android Studio on OSes. 3. As beneficial as Offline GDG Content
  8. Linux Installfests 1. Download Linux OSes online. 2. Install Linux

    OSes. 3. Install any software updates.
  9. The Benefits 1. Linux Installfests help developers contribute to open

    source. 2. Android Installfests, just like Offline GDG Content, prepares an environment for Android developers.
  10. Thank You For Your Time.