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The Joy Project

69cacb490104118b14a5774db7871bbd?s=47 Imaeyen
June 10, 2022

The Joy Project



June 10, 2022

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  1. Design for Social Good Graphic Design III | Project 2

    Patchanit Sriviroch & Mya Effiong Instructor: Lisa Wilard | Fall 2019
  2. “We want to tackle the issue of the isolation of

    homeless people by forming a campaign centered around bringing joy. We believe that we don’t have to be serious to talk about serious issue. Let’s do something fun!”
  3. The Joy Project A Space for the Displaced

  4. KEYWORDS - Destigmatization - Positivity - Joy PROJECT BRIEF Happiness

    is a fundemental part of the human experience, however, not everyone has access to it. For this project, we are going to tackle the issue of the isolation of homeless humans by forming a campaign centered around bringing joy. We believe by planning social events, not only will we cultivate bonds, but we’ll contribute to creating a positive mindset which can foster success in other areas. GOALS - To encourage the humanization of homeless people - To depict the stories (data) we collect in a clean and visually aesthetic output - To gain a new perspective and educate ourselves on the different aspects and pathways that shape an individual - Bring joy!
  5. LOGO EXPLORATION We wanted to create a logo that would

    incorporate a smile in one way or another. Pre campaign name. Chosen campaign name. Top four icons.
  6. LOGO EXPLORATION Our final icon was decided based on peer

    feedback and our acknowledgment of how it embodied our mission! After rounding out the icon and forming the J in the face, we felt The Joy Project was well represented. It is subtle, recognizable, and creates a light feeling, making any viewer want to smile.

  8. LOGO EXPLORATION Final logo.

  9. TAGLINE Word mapping.

  10. “A Space for the Displaced.“ TAGLINE

  11. BRANDING Our inspiration for color and style reflects brightness, hope,

    and (ofcourse) joy!
  12. Rubik Light Rubik Light Italic Rubik Regular Rubik Italic Rubik

    Medium Rubik Medium Italic Rubik Bold Rubik Bold Italic Rubik Black Rubik Black Italic # F46161 # FB8289 # F89D5B # FFD5C0 # F1A107 # EF8F99 # FFCF62 Logo Colors Brand Colors BRANDING The Rubik font family’s sans serif build and semi rounded corners compliment our rounded logo.
  13. LAYOUT Prototyping.

  14. LAYOUT

  15. None
  16. PHONE DEMO https://drive.google.com/open ?id=1ehxsY6Dth4FeHSGW4dH LN389-D6eJNSi

  17. WEB DEMO https://drive.google.com/file/d/1 AHfMTvrOEPGTSk56kIHeSOJ6VL aTHaNv/view?usp=sharing

  18. thejoyproject_tampa Tampa, Florida thejoyproject_tampa Join us! Become a Joy-Giver! #bringjoy

    #thejoyproject 212 Likes Join Us! Become a Joy-Giver. BRING JOY! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TIp3BLwa9iZJR- go2OcTGF1eoRfcvzmV9 INSTAGRAM POST
  19. EVENT POSTER One of our social event concepts is a

    book club. Keeping our brand in mind, we decided on a poster that would be both eye catching and welcoming.
  20. PIN

  21. Our volunteer t-shirt corporates our smiley logo as well as

    a volunteer position, a “Joy Giver.” VOLUNTEER T-SHIRT
  22. THANK YOU!