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August 24, 2013

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  1. Responsive Web Design Trends in 2013 Things are changing year

    after year. Designers are working really hard and innovating new web designs, all to give the end-users a great experience. The designs and colors that we watch on the screen have some serious hard work down on them at the back end. If you aren’t a web designer, chances are you won’t understand this ever; and if you are, you’ll respect it and understand it fully. Anyhow, coming back to what we have seen until now and what is in store for us in future, there are a lot many things to watch out this year. While 2012 was a year full of new web designs, 2013 promises to be something far better. Responsive web design is in! Yes, irrespective of your devices’ screen size and platform, you’ll be able to see some great web designs – like you have never seen before. This year is going to give you an altogether new experience as far as responsive web design is concerned. Here are some of the top web design trends you might come across in 2013! RETINA SUPPORT It is one of the newest things in mobile browsing. Actually, if you see at the numbers, there has been a dramatic increase in number of people developing for retina devices. You must have seen it in Apple’s iPhone 4, iPad, and MacBooks! You are definitely going to witness it in a lot more devices in 2013!
  2. Responsive Web Design Trends in 2013 FIXED HEADER BARS This

    is something really unique and new that you’ll see in upcoming mobile devices – fixed header bars. In this, the header bar will be stapled onto the website and as the visitors will scroll down, the stapled header bar will offer constant support for navigation. It will also help the visitors to trip back to home page at any time. The trend, however, has been there for a while, but will be seen full-fledged this year. LARGE PHOTO BACKGROUNDS The change is in the air, and it is for people who love large photographs! Now you’ll be able to see large over sized photographs in the background. For the webmasters, it is a great way to capture the visitors’ attention. If done properly, it is going to look really great! It is especially going to be loved by people who love to photograph! CSS TRANSPARENCY This is something new that you might see in 2013! This is one of the latest and attention-seeking web design trends in 2013. With new opacity edits allowed on the webpage, users will just need to control the transparency in any modern web browser MINIMALIST LANDING PAGES 2013 promises new, more attractive and minimalist landing pages. It will allow you to keep all the things simple and focus on the product. No hotchpotch, no nonsense; just plain, smart, minimalist landing page. It can’t get simpler than this. DIGITAL QR CODES
  3. Responsive Web Design Trends in 2013 With advancement in smartphones

    and variety of applications, digital QR codes have become really common. These Quick Response Codes allow you to directly scan the code via your smartphone and land on to the link. You’ll see more of QR codes in upcoming web designs in 2013! All this will mean quicker, easier access! SOCIAL MEDIA BADGES To date, you could only share things easily via your desktop browser, and found it difficult to do it via mobile platform. Things are going to be easier this year, as more of social media badges will make their place into web designs. Whether you want to share your favorite photograph on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere, it will be just a touch away! INFINITE SCROLLING How would you feel if the list of interesting things you are looking at never ends? Infinite scrolling is making its way into the latest web designs in 2013. However, the design has been there for a couple of years now, but is soon going to find full space in mobile platform. You just have to wait, watch and experience what all year 2013 has in store for you in terms of latest web designs from affordable web development company The more you explore, the more you’ll be astonished. One thing is for sure that these latest web designs are going to keep you glued to your mobile devices!