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How To Give UI UX Designer Constructive Feedback

How To Give UI UX Designer Constructive Feedback


Iosi Pratama

August 05, 2022

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  1. Give us beef and the recipe as well! How to

    make designer life happier by giving vague-free feedback to build a better product or design.
  2. Design’s menu 🍽 💬 Why Good Feedback Matters ✨ How

    feedback that we hope
  3. % http://bit.do/melalie-sharing

  4. Feedback? 🤔

  5. As designers, we always looking for feedback, true feedback. But

    we end up getting comments.
  6. None
  7. ❤ Feedback is a response to improve the design quality

    by showing clear what’s wrong and a clear cues 🔨 Comment is just using a personal gut without having clearly “so what” for the designer
  8. Why Good Feedback Matters?

  9. 💬 Why Good Feedback Matters Good feedback could make the

    designer feel energize
 designer knows what they have to do next The product design will be better. ) Vague feedback just makes us don’t go anywhere We feel annoyed, confused, and other situations that make us hard to acting up. *
  10. ✨ How feedback that we hope from you — guys

    Feel free to go negative about things you don’t like. If you don’t tell us what you think isn’t working, we’ll show you the same thing again and again.
  11. Frame your feedback into a context — tell us the

  12. Think of the why and be specific

  13. Stay thinking for your user first

  14. Describe the problem, don’t prescribe the solution

  15. Describe the problem, don’t prescribe the solution

  16. Share your references as well

  17. Consolidate the feedbacks

  18. Be honest and of course, polite awesome

  19. Bonus, Make your designer proud of their work 😎

  20. Thank you,