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Onboarding des étudiants - Web Développement Septembre 2017

Ironhack Paris
September 20, 2017

Onboarding des étudiants - Web Développement Septembre 2017

Ironhack Paris

September 20, 2017

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  1. Overview Our campus is located in the biggest WeWorld space

    in the world! • 12,000 sqm filled with Tier 1 startups and tech companies • 2/3 events per week open to the community • Weekly brunch (Monday) and yoga session (Wednesday)
  2. Facilities As a student @Ironhack Paris Fridge, microwave, coffee/ tea/milk

    Rooftop, atrium & cafeterias Attend WeWork events (usually 1/2 a week) Open all week long for students to use! Kitchen Common Areas Events 24/7
  3. Access 26 32 42 43 Metro Bus Other • 33

    rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, FRANCE • Classroom is located on Floor -1 • Always access it with your card
  4. We look forward to being available to you before, during

    and after your cohort! Which is why we have several alternatives for how to reach us. Ironhack <> Students Slack You will use this tool a lot during the course to communicate with teachers, students, and Ironhack staff. Use it to stay “in the know” regarding upcoming events. Email We use email for more institutional or official things including a weekly digest of guest speakers and local tech scene happenings. Hangout We’re available to video chat for any concerns, when an email just won’t do it.
  5. We are an ever-growing global community and it is up

    to all of us to keep it strong and reap the benefits! Community Be proud #Ironhackers ! Talk, post, comment, like, share, @IronhackPAR @IronhackPAR @IronhackPAR @IronhackFrance
  6. Blogs It’s never too early to start developing your personal

    brand. Employers will be looking for portfolio sites and GitHub accounts to see your projects and involvement in the tech community. It can also help you realize how long you’ve come! Some examples www.pierre.io www.jonny.me www.medium.com/@saranohe
  7. Feedback We take your feedback very seriously, which is why

    we send surveys via email to evaluate our performance. We also conduct 1 on 1 in-person meetings throughout the course to talk through any issues relating to the course and your experience in the class. All feedback is then relayed to the appropriate staff member and put into action immediately. Please make sure to fill out all surveys to help us make this experience as great as possible for you.
  8. Timeline Aug. 14th ‘17 Sep. 4th ‘17 Sep. 25th ‘17

    O ct. 16th ‘17 O ct. 30th ‘17 Pre-work 3 weeks Remote Solo Module 1 3 weeks On-site Solo & Team Module 2 3 weeks On-site Solo & Team Module 3 3 weeks On-site Solo & Team Hiring Week 1 week On-site Solo & Team Graduation Final party On-site Team 9+1 weeks of intensive learning In-person. Collaborative. Hands-on. COURSES START
  9. A typical day Coffee and Review Learning Units 1 &

    2 Learning Units 3 & 4 Lunch Pair Programming Exercise Daily exercises Extra time / Events 9:00am 9:15am 11:15am 1:00pm 2:15pm 4:00pm 6:30pm
  10. Module 1 Length: 2 weeks Focus: Front End Development •

    JS (algorithms, functions, arrays, objects, etc.) • HTML (blocks, inlines, etc.) • CSS (positioning, box, transitions, etc.) • DOM • jQuery
  11. Module 2 Length: 2 weeks Focus: Back End Development •

    Node.js • Express.js • Backbone.js
  12. Project 2 Length: 1 week Focus: Fullstack Web Development CRUD

    (Create, Read, Update, Delete) web application
  13. Module 3 Length: 2 weeks Focus: Back End Development •

    Angular2.js • APIs • Optional: Vue.js • Optional: React.js
  14. Important dates First day of class: September 4th 6:30pm sharp

    for cocktail and orientation! Hackshow: September 4th You will present your final project to a jury with entrepreneurs, VCs and web developers Graduation cocktail: October 27th Invite friends and family for a shortened version of your final presentation (will be livestreamed) and to watch as you take your first steps as official Web Developers! Hiring Week: October 30th-November 3rd The first half of the week is packed with portfolio and soft-skills prep, so you can start your job search on the right foot. At the end of the week, we will bring employers to interview candidates for open positions in South Florida!
  15. Requirements to graduate 1 2 3 Complete and present all

    of your projects on time (including the Internal Hackshow) Follow the Ironhack Code of Conduct (cf. enrollment agreement) Miss no more than 3 days of class.
  16. Attendance policy You may miss no more than 3 days

    of class (unexcused). If you show up late to class (unexcused) 3 times, we will consider that 1 absence. Please communicate with your TAs if you have to miss class.
  17. Careers Career Week - Get ready for the job market

    During this week you’ll have the opportunity to face some Coding Challenges, get career advice and meet local companies in the market for some talent! Lifetime Support - We’ll always be #ironhackers You can count on us forever. We will support you during and after the bootcamp in finding employment. Our Alumni Network continues to grow strong! !!! Note: To receive career support, you must... Officially graduate + attend career week and your scheduled interviews.
  18. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend 4 5 6 7

 ENIGMA WE/DESIGN 11 12 13 14 15 19H IRONTALK #2
 Boardgames 18 19 20 21 22 19H IRONTALK #3 WHAT BEING A WEB DEV MEANS ? PROJECT #1 
 18h FINAL PRESENTATION Module 1 - September
  19. Module 2 - September / October Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

    Friday Weekend 25 26 27 28 29 TECH AWAY #4 19H IRONTALK #4 2 3 4 5 6 19H IRONTALK #5 Workshop REACT#1 9 10 11 12 13 19H IRONTALK #6 PROJECT #2 
  20. Module 3 - October/November Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend

    16 17 18 19 20 19H IRONTALK #4 Workshop REACT#2 23 24 25 26 27 TECH AWAY #4 19H IRONTALK #5 30 31 1 2 3 19H IRONTALK #6 FERIE 19H HACKSHOW
  21. Hiring Week - November Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend