React + Reflux and how to boost your development workflow

F73efb403456806e5ffebdc09a3967ee?s=47 Roy Yu
October 03, 2015

React + Reflux and how to boost your development workflow

This presentation we will be going through a few latest technology in web development trend. React, Reflux, Gulp and Webpack.

If you are interested, here is the github link to play with the technologies in this slide.

"React Reflux Workflow Boilerplate" is a workflow framework that make life easier for developers by providing a development and production ready build process framework out of the box.

Original description in SVCC 2015
In this session, we will walk through some features of React and Reflux ( refactor of Flux ), and the goal is, at the end of the session, you will have enough knowledge to start your React + Reflux journey. We will also cover some tools, for example Gulp and other technologies, and explain how those technologies can make your life as a developer thousand times easier during development or even production build process. During demo session, we will show case a workflow boilerplate I created a while ago in which all attendants will get benefit from, and the boilerplate would possible make you a super star in your workplace with just a few simple commands ~


Roy Yu

October 03, 2015