HTML5 Workshop - PHP|Tek

HTML5 Workshop - PHP|Tek

With the rise of advanced desktop and mobile browsers, high performance javascript engines, and ever increasing networking bandwidth, traditionally ‘frontend’ skills are in more demand than ever. PHP developers are increasingly finding themselves needing these skills more and more to remain competitive. This workshop will cover new features introduced in HTML5 and CSS3, how to use them today with modern browsers (and fallbacks), as well as tips and tricks to save time and do amazing things. It will also cover a refresher on JavaScript basics and dive into recent advances in libraries and coding techniques that power modern interactive web applications. The workshop will walk through from start to finish a simple web application utilizing as many HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript techniques as possible. By the end the attendees can expect to have a grasp on things ranging from new tags, new style properties, advanced selectors, event-driven asynchronous JavaScript programming, new services such as GeoLocation, and much more.



May 22, 2012