How to pass a student Open Access policy

How to pass a student Open Access policy

Presentation given for the Right To Research Coaltion Webinar, October 22, 2013


Juan Pablo Alperin

October 22, 2013


  1. How to pass a student Open Access policy Juan Pablo

    Alperin (@juancommander)

  3. faculty are bad at deposits and we can do better!

  4. nip it in the bud a policy brings OA to

    the attention of other students (most of which have never thought about access) 2 think of hundreds of future faculty that are accustomed to OA since their very first publication
  5. students need it! students need to be read and cited

    even more than established faculty and need to make impact before they graduate 3
  6. insert your favourite motivation here [ ]


  8. mandate v policy 1 + less pushback + bottom-up change

    + guaranteed compliance
  9. ‘official’ v implicit 2 + long-term institutional support - requires

    legal - requires faculty + do not need anyone else - risk of dwindling interest
  10. all students v all graduate v only doctoral 3 +

    broad reaching - hard to engage + likely public - still hard to engage + most affected + care deeply about their publishing
  11. we opted for: policy- official - doctoral


  13. ask your friends 1 get a feel for whether or

    not there is interest
  14. ask student body representatives 2 great to have support (i.e.,

    counsel/ guild) at least support for holding a vote
  15. talk to faculty/deans 3 we had: a dean of student

    affairs, an assistant dean of academic services, and a faculty member who supported the idea of a vote
  16. figure out process to ratify vote 3-b there are lots

    of questions to ask the administration: •what are the conditions to make the policy official? •how many can students make policy? •will the faculty ratify vote and make it official policy? learn from my mistake!

  18. draft the proposed policy 1 you could take it to

    university’s general counsel for review (but this can also be done after)
  19. devil is in the details 1b “They grant to Stanford

    University a nonexclusive, irrevocable, worldwide license to exercise any and all rights under copyright relating to their scholarly articles” “The policy will apply to all scholarly articles authored or co-authored while a student of the Graduate School of Education, beginning with articles for which the publisher’s copyright agreement has yet to be signed.” “On a publisher’s refusal to agree to the terms of this policy (as presented to the publishers in the form of an addendum to the copyright agreement), the student is able to waive this policy by uploading the bibliographic details for the article”
  20. figure out where you would archive 2 university already has

    a repository? You might want to get one set up anyway! You don’t need a policy to archive!
  21. familiarize yourself with process 3 do you already know how

    where to check if journal policy allows archiving? do you know how to secure rights to do so? what about the timing of when you need to ask? people will ask!

  23. send out information 1 about open access and why it

    matters about the policy itself and about the implications of the policy see the emails I sent out: http:/ /
  24. hold an info session 2 give out food! students love

    free food. I gave this presentation (plus Q&A) https:/ /
  25. ask others to reach out 3 anybody who expresses interest,

    ask them to be advocates
  26. focus on voter turnout 4 make information easily available, but

    focus on getting people to vote
  27. THE VOTE!!

  28. the easiest part! we had a simple survey done with

  29. four parts to the vote - what year are you

    in? - proposed text of policy - two line summary of implications - simple “I vote FOR...” or “I vote AGAINST...”

  31. explain how to comply 1 lay out the steps to

    follow see the email I sent out: http:/ /
  32. keep the policy alive 2 ideas: - schedule information sessions

    regularly - get the policy on a course syllabus (on a gateway course) - add the policy to student handbook - add the policy to other materials and forms - find first years to take the torch once you leave
  33. Good Luck! feel free to get in touch! @juancommander