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Lightning Talk - Call Graphs

Lightning Talk - Call Graphs

Gain insights into how behaviour is being invoked and avoid common pitfalls through Call Graph Diagrams.

James Moriarty

April 12, 2019

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  1. class A def self.z B.y end end class B def

    self.y puts "hello world" end end A.z # => "hello world" “message passing is a technique for invoking behavior” A -- y -> B • A is the sender • B is the receiver • y is the message
  2. class A def self.x B.new.y end end class B def

    y 1 + C.z do 1 end end end class C def self.z yield end end
  3. module Poto module FileRepository module AWS class S3 def all(prefix:,

    page:, per_page:) objects = client.objects( page: page, per_page: per_page, prefix: prefix ) FileCollectionMapper.new(objects).call end end end end end