Evangelizing UX design in an organization

Evangelizing UX design in an organization

In this talk I explained the steps my team and me took to build a design culture and influence decision making.


Janko Jovanovic

March 28, 2017


  1. Evangelizing UXD in an organization MaterialUp November 2016. Janko Jovanovic

    Senior UX Designer, Contentful
  2. 6 things we did and went from zero to having

    a strong design team and influence
  3. Blank slate

  4. None
  5. E X P O S U R E T O

    U S E R S 1
  6. None
  7. Awareness of shortcomings and support to fixing them Budget for

    further testing Design was perceived as more than visual design only O U T C O M E
  8. Q U A L I TAT I V E R

    E S E A R C H 2
  9. None
  10. The whole company talks about Persona #1, adjusts strategies and

    gets the first results The budget for further research approved O U T C O M E
  11. I N V O LV E O T H E

    R S 3
  12. None
  13. Cross-functional teams One designer in every team Every projects begins

    with design The impact has expanded; We hired 2 more product designers and 1 marketing designer O U T C O M E
  14. M O R E R E S E A R

    C H 4
  15. None
  16. Again, the whole company talks about personas. Persona #1 and

    #2 shape our strategy. Discovery team has been formed. The first UX researcher has been hired. O U T C O M E
  17. D E S I G N C R I T

    I Q U E 5
  18. None
  19. More trust Greater openness and less hanging on to ideas

    Better feedback from stakeholders O U T C O M E
  20. D E S I G N L I B R

    A R Y 6
  21. None
  22. General interest in design and appreciation O U T C

    O M E
  23. T H E S TAT E O F T H

    I N G S
  24. None
  25. E V E R Y T H I N G

    I S C O N S TA N T F L U X
  26. Continuous research Break the silos Everybody in the company is

    responsible for “UX” No need for design advocacy Involve those with power to the design process
  27. UX design is not (only) about designing but about coordinating,

    facilitating and enabling
  28. Products Support Customer success Marketing Sales Social networks Brand Services

    Press Conferences Hiring
  29. Connecting all the channels through which users interact with the

    company into one coherent whole
  30. L E T ’ S R E C A P

  31. 1.UXD isn’t only design 2.UXD is about the whole company

    3.Undercover work 4.Expose them to users 5.Involve everybody 6.Provide a framework for working 7.Little things can make big impacts 8.Get out of you chair! 9.We instead of me (co-ownership) 10.Change is slow
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