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How the Horoscorpio Application is applied to the Australian Football League, and the Players.


Jason Jowett

May 25, 2013


  1. Copyright Jason Jowett & Horoscorpio © 2013 Sports Applications of

    Horology Devices Sunday, 26 May 2013
  2. A Planet can take Retrograde motion. Meaning when the object

    in orbit reaches distances relative to the Earths orbit, its speed slows down until stopping, reverses, accelerates and repeats, returning to the normal direction. Start End Shift/Reverse Shift/Resume Start End Normal Passage Sunday, 26 May 2013
  3. Considering the longer time spans within a Match, the trajectory

    of the planet can contribute to or hinder the players maneuvers. Not directly but by necessity. A good coach would be able to better direct the team and deploy appropriate strategies, according to the players and their affinities, within the Celestial sphere. Sunday, 26 May 2013
  4. A Football player will use the Horology devices in order

    to concentrate and play a good game. As the Player checks the Calendar on the day of the match he sees that there are five Aspects, He checks their Trajectory and mentally Orientates himself towards them around the half time. He knows Mercury is his most influential Power so always hugs the SE boundary, where it is geo-centrically strongest. Sun&Moon 41% Sun&Jupiter 25% Neptune&Mars 10% Jupiter&Mercury 9% Moon&Venus 15% Aspect Ratio 2:30 - 6 PM During the Game he succeeds in toppling most all of his adversaries there, as Mercury is Partnered with Jupiter. AFL Sunday, 26 May 2013
  5. Sun&Moon His Sun and Moon partnership is what interests him

    most and at Quarter time he checks the Phase Clock whilst off the Ground. He has been monitoring it and sees the Sun and Moon will Trine in just under 35 minutes, during the half time break. He knows from how the match was transpiring in the first quarter, just what this means, as the most dominate force in partnership at the present time. Since the Sun and Moon are also the most generally dominant partnership in the entire calendar. He plots his efforts around the shift which will take place off the field, and deliberately sets ploys on the field whilst the ball is out of bounds, looking to head out of bounds, or returning from out of bounds. 00:34:54:60 Sun&Moon 00:34:54:11 Sun&Moon 00:34:54:11 +04:23:45:60 -09:16:38:60 Sunday, 26 May 2013