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CSE460 Lecture 11

CSE460 Lecture 11

Software Analysis and Design
Object-Oriented Principles II


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  1. jgs CSE 460 Software Analysis and Design Lecture 11: Object-Oriented

    Principles II Dr. Javier Gonzalez-Sanchez [email protected] javiergs.engineering.asu.edu | javiergs.com PERALTA 230U Office Hours: By appointment
  2. jgs 460 00001011 Announcement § Assignment 04. Game It is

    due today (February 17) 11:59 PM AZ time. Submit here your use case diagram, class diagram, and source code.
  3. jgs 460 00001011 Clean Code Principles § Readability Use Meaningful

    Names for Classes, Methods, and Variables Follow coding guidelines: e.g., read the Java Style Reference § KISS (Keep It Simple by K. Johnson) for your reader Small functions that do one thing § DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself): Avoid Code Bloat § Decoupling
  4. jgs 460 00001011 KISS Create code Simple and Direct Could

    we make this code short? Is the Runnable needed? Is the Exception needed?
  5. jgs CSE 460 Software Analysis and Design Javier Gonzalez-Sanchez [email protected]

    Fall 2020 Disclaimer. These slides can only be used as study material for the class CSE460 at ASU. They cannot be distributed or used for another purpose.