Using Shiny responsibly in pharma

Af5bbbe065ded3a0661ca3d78b495c33?s=47 Joe Cheng
August 16, 2018

Using Shiny responsibly in pharma

Shiny is a package for turning analyses written in R into interactive web applications. This capability has obvious applications in pharma, as it lets R users build interactive apps for their collaborators to explore models or results, or to automate workflows. However, the interactivity of Shiny apps is a double-edged sword, as it introduces challenges to the traceability and reproducibility of your analysis. To use interactive applications in pharma responsibly, these challenges must be addressed. In this talk, I discuss some of the tools and techniques you can use in Shiny to deal with these challenges head-on.


Joe Cheng

August 16, 2018