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Subjective Crypto Currency

Subjective Crypto Currency

If we package the PGP / GPG web of trust model as an easy to use photo sharing app, maybe we can overcome the usability limitations of traditional crypto. Plus philosophy and anthropology. #noblockchain

Chris Anderson

June 27, 2014

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  1. S U B J E C T I V E

    C RY P T O C U R R E N C Y # n o b l o c k c h a i n
  2. I D E O L O G Y B A

    C K G R O U N D A S S U M P T I O N S
  3. L E G I B I L I T Y

    W H E R E W O U L D Y O U R A T H E R L I V E ?
  4. VA L U E H O W W E K

    N O W S O M E T H I N G I S I M P O R TA N T
  5. D E T E R R I T O R

    I A L I Z AT I O N 
 & R E T E R R I T O R I A L I Z AT I O N W H E N VA L U E S Y S T E M S C O L L I D E
  6. I N E Q U A L I T Y

    9 9 % O F P E O P L E H A V E 6 0 % O F T H E W E A LT H
  7. P R O G R E S S I V

    I S M A D J U S T I N G T H E C U R V E
  8. G L O B A L PA R T I

    A L O R D E R I N G D O W E N E E D I T ?
  9. P I R A H Ã W E C A

    N L I V E W I T H O U T N U M B E R S
  10. G I F T E C O N O M

    Y C A N W E S C A L E I T ?
  11. S U B J E C T I V E

    VA L U E E V E RY O N E S E E S A D I F F E R E N T PA R T I A L O R D E R I N G
  12. W E B O F T R U S T

    K E Y S I G N I N G PA R T Y
  13. P U B L I C K E Y C

    RY P T O G R A P H Y • Alice creates a keypair (public, private) • Alice shares her public key with Bob • Bob can use Alice’s public key to encrypt messages so only Alice can read them. • Alice can use her private key to sign messages, and Bob can use Alice’s public key to verify the signature • How do we know it is really Alice’s key?
  14. C E R T I F I C AT E

    A U T H O R I T Y W H O WA T C H E S T H E WA T C H E R S ?
  15. N O W W E H AV E N P

    R O B L E M S K E Y S I G N I N G PA R T Y
  16. Schema 19 Document Coin Public Side - Publicly visible JSON.

    Signatures - Public array of signatures. Bearer Side - Encrypted JSON only visible to bearer (and seen by past bearers). History - Transaction log is the stored history of sign-off of the coin to transaction partners.
  17. Wallet <  [Home] flick  up  to  give  coins • Touch

     coins  to  view   • Select  “Offer”  to  visit  staging   area   • Each  row  of  coins  is  tactile:   scrolling  left  and  right  so  the  top   row,  the  middle  row,  and  the   bottom  row  each  contain  as   many  coins  as  the  user  keeps.   • The  user  can  arrange  their  wallet   however  they  want,  too  put   coins  “on  the  table”  they  flick   them  up  to  the  offer  area. Offer
  18. Offer <  [Wallet] flick  down  to  keep  coins Give •

    Touch  coins  to  view   • Select  “Give”  up  to  select  a   recipient  for  this  gift   • Offer  is  for  conversational   purposes.  So  after  the  “give”   menu  you  have  the  option  to   “preview”  instead  of  handing   over  the  offer.   • You  can  tell  the  merchant  “pick  a   coin”  and  maybe  the  merchant   asks  for  two.  It’s  expected  that   you’ll  offer  more  than  you  give,   the  offer  is  more  about  giving   someone  a  fair  basis  to  ask.
  19. Extracto  Coffeehouse Recipient <  [Offer] Jane  Smith Search Concordia  Neighborhood

    via  Facebook Jason  Doe • Select  a  recipient  or  enter  email   address   • Copy  url  to  send  coin   • This  URL  has  a  place  where   the  visitor  can  put  in  an  e-­‐ mail  address  for  the  giver  to   send  to.  e.g.:     ! ! ! • Always  default  to  the  last   selected  recipient.  Only  clear  the   previously  selected  after  a   successful  transaction,  if  ever. click  here  to  copy  offer  url web  [email protected] Jay  Smolik
  20. <  [Offer] Transfer Extracto  Coffeehouse Concordia  Neighborhood give  2  coins

     to • Select  “Transfer”  to  transfer  the   coin  to  the  recipient.   • Getting  to  this  stage   automatically  send  the  coin’s   public  face  to  the  recipient  for   review.  Really  like  sharing  a   bookmark  to  the  coins  in  the   offer.  Its  expected  that  the  offer   will  be  modified  before  the   transaction  is  complete.   • We  set  up  accounts  for  all   publicly  listed  businesses  and  e-­‐ mail  them  anytime  someone   gives  a  coin.   • Should  there  be  a  message? Offer  is  visible.   Maybe  show  someone  five  coins  and  say   “pick  two.”  Then  revise  offer  before   signing  the  transfer. Give
  21. Give <  [Offer] Extracto  Coffeehouse Concordia  Neighborhood give  2  coins

     to There  is  no  undo,  are  you   sure  you  want  to  give  these   coins  away?   !   [Cancel]  [Give] • Confirm  transfer Transfer
  22. Thanks <  [Home] Extracto  Coffeehouse Concordia  Neighborhood You  gave  2

     coins  to • Touch  coins  to  view   • Touch  Recipient  to  visit  profile
  23. Mint <  [Home] Invite J  Chris  Anderson B-­‐Tree  Whisperer take

     a  picture  to     mint  a  new  coin • Do  coins  need  messages  /   captions  /  names?   • “Invite”  is  grey  until  you  take  a   picture.   • Select  “Invite”  to  share  your  coin   with  other  people.   • “take  a  picture”  button  can   change  to  “replace  photo”  or   something  after  the  first  photo  is   taken  but  before  invites  sent Name  Your  Coin
  24. Extracto  Coffeehouse Invite <  [Offer] Jane  Smith Search Concordia  Neighborhood

    via  Facebook Jason  Doe • Select  multiple  people  and  email   addresses  to  mint  with.   • Copy  url  to  send  minting   opportunity  to  people  on  their   mobile  devices.   • The  suggestions  should  be   adaptive  and  correct.  A   combination  of  local  and  friend   data  should  make  identifying   people  to  invite  easy. click  here  to  copy  mint  url Send Your  Coin  Name
  25. Minting <  [Home] • Waiting  for  minters  the  coin  

    creator  has  the  option  to  mint  at   any  time  and  stop  waiting  for   others  to  join.   • People  may  contribute   signatures  that  the  mentor   rejects.   • Future  versions  of  the  software   may  allow  for  more  private  coin   minting,  for  instance  coins  that   are  invisible  outside  of  a  select   group  until  after  they  are   minted. Mint touch  “Mint”,  or  keep  
 waiting  for  minters J  Chris  Anderson B-­‐Tree  Whisperer minting…
  26. Minting <  [Home] • Touch  “Mint”  to  edit  the  list

     of   attachments  and  encrypt  the   coin  to  become  it’s  first  bearer.   • Some  businesses  may  set  up  a   bot  that  auto  joins  nearby  coins   when  reputable  people  are   minting,  it’s  up  to  the  minter  if   they  include  the  business  in  the   signed  coin.   • A  multi/party  coin  will  have  a   split  view.   • When  you  click  mint  there  are   magic  sparkles,  then  a  transition   to  the  bearer  coin  view. Mint J  Chris  Anderson B-­‐Tree  Whisperer Extracto  Coffeehouse Concordia  Neighborhood minting…
  27. Coin <  [Home] • The  bearer  view  of  the  Coin

      • As  the  bearer  of  the  coin  you  see   the  full  image,  and  you  can  give   the  coin  to  a  new  bearer.   • “Give”  kicks  off  the  same  flow  as   “Give”  from  the  Offer  screen.   • Giving  it  to  another  user   encrypts  the  coin  with  their   public  key.  Now  you  can  only  see   the  filtered  image.   • Scroll  for  bearer  history,   comments J  Chris  Anderson B-­‐Tree  Whisperer Extracto  Coffeehouse Concordia  Neighborhood Give minted  by
  28. Coin <  [Home] • This  view  is  the  same  for

     bearers   or  anyone  else.   • The  minters  are  anyone  the  first   minter  allowed  to  sign.   • The  first  minter  is  the  first   bearer.   • The  comments  are  stored  on   separate  documents,  signed  by   their  authors. J  Chris  Anderson B-­‐Tree  Whisperer Give bearer  history J  Chris  Anderson B-­‐Tree  Whisperer Extracto  Coffeehouse Concordia  Neighborhood minted  by JeffWJ Stop  drinking  so  much  coffee! comments J  Chris  Anderson I’m  climbing  a  tree,  Jeff.
  29. Profile <  [Menu] Search Give J  Chris  Anderson B-­‐Tree  Whisperer

    J  Chris  Anderson B-­‐Tree  Whisperer Minted  Coins   ! Held  Coins   ! Comments   ! Send  Message   Minted  Coins   Held  Coins   !
  30. Extracto  Coffeehouse Message <  [Offer] Search Concordia  Neighborhood • The

     point  of  the  message  feature   is  to  illustrate  the  secure   communications  that  are   enabled  by  the  web-­‐of-­‐trust  key   distribution  /  signing.   • Messages  are  encrypted  with   the  recipient  public  keys.   • The  app  should  expose  its  secure   communication  channel  for   other  applications  to  use. Send recipient(s)  Compose  message  here.
  31. R E A D I N G L I S

    T • David Graeber - Debt, the First 5,000 Years & Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value • Franco Berardi - After the Future • Slavoj Žižek • Ribbonfarm • Alexander R. Galloway - Protocol
  32. L I N K S • Fish tank • Legiblity

    • Potlatch Stock Ticker • Oil and Water • Wealth Inequality • Desks • Pirahã language and culture