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Mindful Creativity

Mindful Creativity

Mindful Creativity is a book intended to facilitate bringing creative and innovative thinking to any individual’s personal and professional life. I will use stories, exercises, and practical recommendations to help people discover, practice, and develop their own creative abilities.

Jason CranfordTeague

July 11, 2018


  1. MINDFUL CREATIVITY Developing the most important skill of the 21st

    Century CRANFORDTEAGUE Jason Cranford Teague @CranfordTeague | #MindfulCreativity www.cranfordteague.com
  2. @CranfordTeague | #MindfulCreativity MINDFUL CREATIVITY CRANFORDTEAGUE Robots may help us

    get to where we want to be faster, but they can’t be as creative as humans (yet). —The World Economic Forum “
  3. @CranfordTeague | #MindfulCreativity MINDFUL CREATIVITY CRANFORDTEAGUE Creative thinking will be

    the critical skill needed to land and keep the jobs of the 21st century.
  4. @CranfordTeague | #MindfulCreativity MINDFUL CREATIVITY CRANFORDTEAGUE Mindful Creativity targets anyone

    who wants to upgrade their job performance by developing their creative skill set. PURPOSE
  5. @CranfordTeague | #MindfulCreativity MINDFUL CREATIVITY CRANFORDTEAGUE ➡ Applies the practice

    of mindfulness to creativity ➡ Trains anyone open to the possibilities to improve their creativity ➡ Brings creative and innovation thinking to personal and professional life ➡ Uses stories, exercises, and practical recommendations ➡ Helps the reader discover, practice, and develop their own creative abilities MINDFUL CREATIVITY…
  6. @CranfordTeague | #MindfulCreativity MINDFUL CREATIVITY CRANFORDTEAGUE ➡ Shows how important

    creativity will be to remain competitive in an increasingly automated world ➡ Presents creativity as a skill that can be developed and applied in a variety of situations ➡ Provides practical and immediately usable exercises and methods for applying mindfulness techniques to bring out the creativity in anyone ➡ Explains how creative routines with creative play can help people think in more innovative ways ➡ Shows a wide variety of true-life stories collected by or experienced by the author UNIQUE ANGLES & READER BENEFITS
  7. @CranfordTeague | #MindfulCreativity MINDFUL CREATIVITY CRANFORDTEAGUE ➡ Forward: 

    Secret of Creativity REVEALED! ➡ Introduction ➡ Part I: You are Creative ➡ What is Creativity? ➡ Being Mindfully Creative ➡ Creating Creative Routines ➡ Part II: Where Creativity Comes From ➡ Creative Playtime ➡ Storming Your Brain & 
 Mapping Your Mind ➡ Telling Stories ➡ Part III: Everyday Creativity ➡ Thinking like a Designer ➡ Iterating Your Way to Creative Ideas ➡ The Problems with Creativity ➡ Afterword: 
 Where Do You go From Here? TOC
  8. @CranfordTeague | #MindfulCreativity MINDFUL CREATIVITY CRANFORDTEAGUE CONCEPT The Dangerous Book

    For Boys • A modern guide book with a classic style. • Can be read straight through or picked up and sampled/referenced. • Text and illustrations working to support each other. • Easily scannable.
  9. @CranfordTeague | #MindfulCreativity MINDFUL CREATIVITY CRANFORDTEAGUE ➡ A designer and

    mentor with over 20 years of experience ➡ A leader in the internet industry ➡ Worked with the W3C to establish web standards ➡ Regularly speaks at conferences like SXSW ➡ Over a dozen books written on digital media and design ➡ Currently an adjunct professor in Interactive Digital Media at Drexel University ➡ Teaches classes on ➡ Experience Design ➡ Creativity ➡ Story Telling ABOUT JASON