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Becoming a GDE

Becoming a GDE

Sharing about the GDE program, how to be one and why.

Jecelyn Yeen

May 10, 2020

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  1. @JecelynYeen Jecelyn Yeen -> Web Developer -> Angular, Web GDE

    -> Developer Advocate youtu.be/kEieXe-3DGU
  2. @JecelynYeen G - Google D - Developer E - Expert

    ( Google related / interested technologies ) ( Technical, know the tech ) ( Good at it. Influencers. Thought leaders. )
  3. @JecelynYeen GDE PROGRAM A global network of highly experienced technology

    experts, influencers and thought leaders who actively support developers, companies and tech communities by speaking at events, publishing content.
  4. @JecelynYeen How to be eligible? - Speaking: meetup, conf, webinar

    - Content: blog, podcast, video, books - Open Source: project, plugin, app, code samples - Community: meetup, conf, stackoverflow, mentor
  5. @JecelynYeen Exam? No exam. It is not a cert. It

    is a recognition. of your contribution towards the community
  6. @JecelynYeen Can I be a GDEs? Yes, you have GDE

    title for multiple categories. For example, Warat Wongmaneekit is a GDE of: Web technologies, Identity and Google Assistant
  7. @JecelynYeen Santosh Yadav santoshyadav.dev/ - Pune, India - Blogging on

    Medium - Speaking in events - Contribute to Angular plugins & packages
  8. @JecelynYeen Deborah Kurata twitter.com/deborahkurata?lang=en - California, US - Video courses

    - Speaking in events - Blogging - Stackoverflow - Contribute to Angular documentation
  9. @JecelynYeen Yadong Xie github.com/vthinkxie - Hangzhou, China - Creator of

    Ng-Zorro - Contribute to various open source projects - Mentoring - Speaking in events - Hosting slack-like community
  10. @JecelynYeen Jecelyn Yeen jec.fyi - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Organizing

    meetups & conferences - Speaking in events - Blogging
  11. @JecelynYeen You are one before you get the title. the

    title GDE title is a cherry on top. Remember, it’s a recognition of you have done / are doing.
  12. @JecelynYeen Apply? Get Involved. Start by doing. Be comfortable in

    sharing - speaking, writing and be helpful. Apply when you are ready.
  13. @JecelynYeen Ready to apply? Contact Local Googlers / GDEs You

    would most likely meet one during your community involvement, or community crowd who know them. All else failed, find them on social media or the GDE directory.
  14. @JecelynYeen TL;DR; @frosty, Preparing to become a GDE https://medium.com/@frosty/preparing-to-become-a-gde-752b551c88df @stephenfluin,

    How to become an Angular GDE https://fluin.io/blog/how-to-become-an-angular-gde @WajahatKarim, Becoming a GDE in Android https://wajahatkarim.com/2020/02/gde/ @JecelynYeen, How was my 4 years experience as a GDE? https://jec.fyi/deck/becoming-a-gde This is my article. If you are interested about my journey. Read what’s other GDE / Googlers wrote about the program.