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My Journey as Technical Presenter

My Journey as Technical Presenter

My Journey as Technical Presenter, also touch a bit on tech writing, community and the GDE program

Jecelyn Yeen

June 03, 2020

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  1. @JecelynYeen My Journey as a Technical Presenter (also touch on

    tech writing, community, Google Developer Expert Program)
  2. @JecelynYeen 2015 Started tech blogging on Medium 1st cross state

    sharing @ DevFest Penang Not many reads...
  3. @JecelynYeen Phnom Penh, Cambodia Cebu, Phillipines Iasi, Romania Started overseas

    sharing Google IO, USA Chrome Dev Summit, USA GDE Summit, Poland 2017 Great exposure through GDE program
  4. @JecelynYeen 2018 IO Extended KL ( Crafting experiences. Set the

    mold. ) 2019 NG-MY ( Self funded. Attendees from 30+ countries. ) #BringTheExperienceHome
  5. @JecelynYeen 2018 / 2019 Munich, Germany Taipei, Taiwan San Francisco,

    USA Tokyo, Japan Hangzhou, China Atlanta, USA Berlin, Germany Colombo, Sri Lanka Bali, Indonesia
  6. @JecelynYeen CLEO, Magazine TEDx, Talk Nov 2014 - Present I

    am still learning. The journey hasn’t end. TraxxFM, Radio The Star, Newspaper Scotch, Readers BFM, Radio
  7. @JecelynYeen Have a good support system around you is important.

    ( Honest feedback, encouragement, supportive ) Chelle Henry, Shang Yi #WWCODEKL
  8. @JecelynYeen Still nervous on stage? Definitely. ( I am getting

    better at managing that, at least I know how’s the feeling like and what to expect. Setting up personal rituals. )
  9. @JecelynYeen ( Bring a drink on stage if possible. Pause

    and take the chance to restructure your thoughts. ) KEEP CALM AND TAKE A SIP “NATURALLY”
  10. @JecelynYeen How to be better? Speak more. ( It’s not

    a competition. You just need to be better than yourself. Keep learning, experimenting, speaking, and reiterate. )
  11. @JecelynYeen How to be better? Observe more. ( There’s more

    than one way to deliver the same message. Watching and learning from other speakers are important. )
  12. @JecelynYeen How to be better? Recycle your talk.* ( Gather

    feedback, experiment different ways of deliveries, improve your talk )
  13. @JecelynYeen How to have less stress? Recycle your talk.* (

    Preparing new content is stressful. Be creative is stressful, practising is stressful. )
  14. @JecelynYeen My record 17 times ( All in the same

    year. Different countries, different titles, different length, different sequence )
  15. @JecelynYeen “I am worried about bad feedback.” How bad could

    it be? ( It’s okay to be upset. However, change your perception towards negative but constructive feedback. It could be a source of improvement. )
  16. @JecelynYeen That’s me speaking in front of 400+ attendees, only

    they know. ( Worst case, their friends know too. )
  17. @JecelynYeen “But I am not a subject matter expert…” You

    don’t need to be an expert to deliver useful talk. ( But your content need to bring value. Think and understand your target audiences. Prepare well. )
  18. @JecelynYeen How to get invited to speak? You can volunteer

    too. ( Why wait for invitations? Volunteer to speak in local meetups. Apply for Call for Proposals [CFP]. )
  19. @JecelynYeen - Is that an opportunity you want? - Is

    that feeling bothering you? - It’s okay to reject or accept. - Express your feeling to the organizer.* - Be the change & educate if necessary. What if people invite me to speak just because I am a female?
  20. @JecelynYeen Do I watch video playback of myself? Sometimes. Still

    feel weird... ( It’s good to rewatch and review yourself. It’s still hard for me to watch, but I did. )
  21. @JecelynYeen Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

    ( Do your homework, aim for high standard, celebrate little wins, retrospect. )
  22. @JecelynYeen More opportunities come knocking when you start doing (more).

    ( Take and give back to the community. This is probably the most important learning. )
  23. @JecelynYeen G - Google D - Developer E - Expert

    ( Google related / interested technologies ) ( Technical, know the tech ) ( Good at it. Influencers. Thought leaders. ) More details & resources: https://jec.fyi/deck/becoming-a-gde
  24. @JecelynYeen Thank you. Slides: jec.fyi/deck Twitter: @JecelynYeen Read Hui Jing’s

    post on her experience speaking in tech conferences as a Southeast Asian Female: https://chenhuijing.com/blog/musings-on-speaking-at-conferences