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You Have Too Much Time (60 min)

You Have Too Much Time (60 min)

This is the expanded version of the original, given at That Conference 2013 in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Jeff Blankenburg

August 12, 2013

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  1. None
  2. I was going to do a talk about procrastination, but

    I never found the time to write it.
  3. “Time is what we want most, but what we use

    worst.” William Penn
  4. “I’ve been SO busy.” “I don’t think I have enough

    time.” “I’m completely slammed this week.”
  5. What does that even mean?

  6. “I don’t manage my time well.” “I don’t have time…for

    that.” “I have other things I’d rather do.”
  7. Where did all of our time go?

  8. What are your favorite TV shows? 30 min 30 min

    90 min 30 min 30 min 30 min 30 min 30 min 30 min 45 min How do I waste over SIX hours a week?
  9. None
  10. How do I waste over SIX hours a week? How

    did I waste 13 entire days last year?
  11. None
  12. Source: Nielsen.com State of the Media 01.07.13 On average, this

    is… 7 hours A DAY consuming media. If you consider people work 8 hours a day & sleep 8 hours a day, it’s no wonder we have no time.
  13. None
  14. Screens are not bad.

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  21. It’s not a time problem. It’s a priority problem.

  22. We have too much time, so we spend it aimlessly.

    We have too many ways to spend our time.
  23. If you had to choose one, forever…

  24. None
  25. Too much time inhibits productivity. Too many choices inhibit a

  26. Life is a series of priorities.

  27. What are yours?

  28. What are your favorite TV shows?

  29. What are your top 3 goals this year?

  30. If you don’t have goals, what are you spending your

    time doing?

  32. Retire

  33. Lose weight

  34. Spend more time with my family & friends

  35. It’s not all priorities, though. Sometimes it’s a matter of

  36. NO.

  37. None
  38. No, I won’t watch your 3 dogs this week while

    you and your new girlfriend take a trip to wine country. AGAIN.
  39. No, I won’t build you a website for $100. I

    don’t care if your nephew would do it for less.
  40. None
  41. “Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until

    you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” M. Scott Peck
  42. So what do we do with all of this time?

  43. how to learn

  44. why learning is important

  45. how to stay employable

  46. how to learn

  47. None
  48. None
  49. meet tom

  50. tip #1 don’t be tom

  51. learn something new every year …but I don’t have any

  52. you have time (it’s just not a priority)

  53. remember tip #1 don’t be tom

  54. learning takes on different forms (a history lesson)

  55. elementary school learning (circa 1986)

  56. None

  58. high school learning (circa 1990)

  59. None
  60. college learning (circa 1994)

  61. finally, the internet was here

  62. None
  63. today, the amount of information grows by 50% a month

  64. kilobyte (103) megabyte (106) gigabyte (109) terabyte (1012) petabyte (1015)

    exabyte (1018) zettabyte (1021) the internet is currently about 500 exabytes in 2020, it’s estimated to be 35 zettabytes
  65. it gets worse

  66. stuff that was current two years ago is now out

    of date
  67. the stuff you learn as a sophomore is old news

    when you graduate (assuming you take four years)
  68. you need to keep up

  69. i don’t read tech books

  70. i rarely read websites

  71. those are reference material

  72. reading != knowing

  73. None
  74. Riding A Bicycle 101 1. Sit on the bicycle, facing

    forward. 2. Pedal clockwise to provide power. 3. Rotate handlebars to turn. 4. Have fun!
  75. None
  76. put the poor kid on a bike. let him practice.

    let him fall.
  77. None
  78. tip #2 learning comes from mistakes not memorization

  79. i lazy load knowledge

  80. i used to have a system

  81. Standardized Testing

  82. Cheat Sheets

  83. school memorization problem solving real life memorization problem solving

  84. today, i have a project

  85. today, i have a project

  86. learning only happens when you want it to

  87. tip #3 just do it

  88. one final thought on learning

  89. tip #4 when in doubt, use more bacon

  90. Jeff Blankenburg Developer Evangelist Microsoft Corporation [email protected] http://jeffblankenburg.com