From Zero to VIP

A208c6ddf9836a1e2a32a0dab0362713?s=47 Ian Jenkins
September 03, 2019

From Zero to VIP

A little over a year ago we found ourselves pitching for a large scale, enterprise, e-commerce platform. What we weren't expecting, was that months after that pitching session was to be deep in the world of WordPress and WooCommerce... but that's exactly what happened!

We had never worked with WordPress or WooCommerce before but here we were faced with a large build with Automattic VIP as our partner.

In this talk I go in to detail as to how we ended up in this situation, how we levelled up our WordPress knowledge, what it's like working on the VIP platform, as well as an objective view on both WordPress and WooCommerce.


Ian Jenkins

September 03, 2019