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A Visual Query Builder: Simplifying Data Selection

8dd9cdab93811488330784717084f8fe?s=47 John Goodall
September 14, 2010

A Visual Query Builder: Simplifying Data Selection

Poster, with Robert Ferris, for VizSec 2010


John Goodall

September 14, 2010


  1. A Visual Query Builder: Simplifying Data Selection Steps to Build

    a Query Resulting Query Approach Benefits Contact DHS Contract# FA8750-08-C-0140 (631) 759-3908 (Direct) Brianne F. O'Brien BrianneO@SecureDecisions.avi.com Robert Ferris Applied Visions, Inc. Secure Decisions Division 6 Bayview Avenue Northport, NY 11768 (631) 754-4920 RobertF@SecureDecisions.avi.com Alternate Contact: • Simplifies query building for both non-expert and expert users • Reduces error and guesswork in query construction • Improves efficiency, saves time • Allows discovery of things that were previously invisible • Lets you see what’s there before you start querying • Visually display overview of data • Provide “widgets” for user to interact with and make selections in the data • Guide user to visually build a query 1. Select fields to fetch 2. Select fields to filter 3. Select ranges of numerical data 4. Select categorical data 5. Relate selections 6. Select logical operations Tool Tip Destination Port Start Time