Setting Up JoomlaXi Forms

Setting Up JoomlaXi Forms


Jitendra Khatri

June 10, 2013


  1. How to setup Joomlaxi Forms ??? • Suppose, your site

    have a contact us form and • You want to send acknowledgement emails on submission of form. • For this scenario, you have to follow these steps: ◦ Create a form. ◦ Create an appropriate action and ◦ Attach this action with form.
  2. Create a Form: • To create a form go to

    Components => Joomlaxi Forms => Form • Click New Button.
  3. • Fill details. • Save it once. • Put Post

    URL into action attribute of your form's html. • Save it again.
  4. Menu Creation for your form: • Creates a Menu for

    Form in Front-end.
  5. Action Creation: • To create an action go to Components

    => Joomlaxi Forms => Action • Click New Button.
  6. • Select Ack-By-Email Action to send Acknowledgement email.

  7. • Fill details Properly • Hit save button.

  8. Test What you have set up: • Go to your

    site. • Click on Menu link of form. • Fill and submit form. • An acknowledgement email will be sent to the specified Email address in Email field.
  9. • Track the status, like mail sent or not. •

    Go to Administrator-End Components => Joomlaxi Forms => Processing Queue.