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Improve your team synergy w/The Attitude model

Improve your team synergy w/The Attitude model

Joop Lammerts

October 06, 2018

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  1. A the start of the project I tend to... A)

    Work out some details and start coding to get a better understanding B) Think big and work out the general picture
  2. While coding A) I regularly throw code away and start

    over B) I only start coding when I see the bigger picture
  3. When someone shares an idea with me, I tend to

    A) Get ideas of my own B) See potential problems and risks
  4. When I face an obstacle I tend to A) Park

    it and work on something else for a bit B) Sit down and get to the bottom of it
  5. While coding Be Explicit Pair or mob program A new

    strategy: Let the divergent start Work in pomodoro’s
  6. In a meeting Be Explicit Work in 25 minutes, set

    a timer Explore, choose, design (build) Even per PBI
  7. Modeling Be Explicit Let the divergent think of options Choose

    the most less bad option Learn and repeat the process