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How to improve your team synergy w/The Attitude Model #DPC19

How to improve your team synergy w/The Attitude Model #DPC19


Joop Lammerts

June 08, 2019

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  1. Joop Lammerts developer.procurios.com @jlammerts

  2. None
  3. Formula 1 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix

  4. Trust your team and you’ll become world champion

  5. You are the world champion! How to improve your team

    synergy w/The Attitude Model
  6. The Attitude Model

  7. Divergent

  8. Convergent

  9. A pop quiz

  10. A the start of the project I tend to... A)

    Work out some details and start coding to get a better understanding B) Think big and work out the general picture
  11. While coding A) I regularly throw code away and start

    over B) I only start coding when I see the bigger picture
  12. I can easily talk and type at the same time

    A) Agree B) Disagree
  13. When someone shares an idea with me, I tend to

    A) Get ideas of my own B) See potential problems and risks
  14. When I face an obstacle I tend to A) Park

    it and work on something else for a bit B) Sit down and get to the bottom of it
  15. Divergent A

  16. Convergent B

  17. Divergent Tend to be… • Open • Optimistic and curious

    • Quick, sloppy and careless
  18. Convergent Tend to be... • Closed • Pessimistic and inquisitive

    • Paced, diligent and careful
  19. The Double Design Diamond

  20. None
  21. My Team - during a sprint

  22. None
  23. So, the next sprint

  24. To take with you

  25. While coding

  26. While coding Be Explicit Pair or mob program A new

    strategy: Let the divergent start Work in pomodoro’s
  27. In a meeting

  28. In a meeting Be Explicit Work in 25 minutes, set

    a timer Explore, choose, design (build) Even per PBI
  29. Modeling

  30. Modeling Be Explicit Let the divergent think of options Choose

    the most less bad option Learn and repeat the process
  31. Joop Lammerts Website: www.procurios.com Twitter: @jlammerts JoindIn: https://joind.in/talk/606b6