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Self-Marketing for Developers

Self-Marketing for Developers

Inspired by the book of Fred Harper, I've decided to give some tips about the personal branding aspect. Here is some "Self-Marketing" thoughts to help you become visible.
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Julien Landuré

December 24, 2019


  1. 101 Self-Marketing for Developers

  2. Julien Landuré @jlandure Julien Landuré GDG & DevFest Nantes Organizer

    GDE Cloud CTO Zenika
  3. None
  4. Why Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Inbound Marketing

  5. #1 Create great content

  6. Medium Blogposts Vidéos Podcasts Talks Customer Projects OSS Contributions StackOverFlow

  7. Share Tech news Best practices Ideas Feedbacks Events

  8. None
  9. #2 Become confident

  10. None
  11. Strong conviction

  12. Community Recognition Join 26543 other subscribers today.

  13. None
  14. #3 Increase your visibility

  15. Virtual Get a “pretty” avatar Content in english Be kind

    Help others
  16. GitHub

  17. Youtube

  18. Slides

  19. SEO

  20. None
  21. None
  22. As a Speaker “ I’m working on a talk about

    Y. What do you think? “ I submitted to @voxxedsingapore “ I’ve been accepted! Thanks @voxxedsingapore “ I’ll be @voxxedsingapore tomorrow. Come to see me and discuss about Y “ It was a great event. Here is my slides and links to Y. Available to discuss” “ Thanks to the organizing team... “ My video @voxxedsingapore is out!
  23. None
  24. #4 Be connected

  25. Networking Attend the events of your expertise domain Co-speaking /

  26. Regularly

  27. Brand

  28. Community MVP (Most Valuable Professional), Microsoft GDE (Google Developer Expert)

    AWS Heroes Docker Captain CNA (Cloud Native Ambassador), CNCF, Linux Foundation Mozilla Tech Speakers Java Champions & Groundbreaker Ambassador, Oracle Confluent Community Catalyst StackOverFlow Trusted User NodeJS badges, IBM GitLab Heroes NEW
  29. Be the reference... and play with it

  30. Thank people

  31. #5 Engage your network

  32. Engage “Call-to-actions” Landing page Understand your followers

  33. None
  34. Ping Contact Culture Create Ambassadors

  35. None
  36. Cons

  37. Pros # Do what you love! # Make people want

    to work with you # Help your network # Develop the organization brand
  38. To be continued ...

  39. Thanks Julien Landuré @jlandure Questions?