Refactoring CSS - Programming Principles for Designers

A204ca511ddee820957e715d6d363548?s=47 John W. Long
October 14, 2014

Refactoring CSS - Programming Principles for Designers

From my presentation at CSS Dev Conf 2014.


Over the years as designers have transitioned from print to the web we've had a reluctant relationship with code. Pixel perfection is a demanding standard. It's required us to get close to the metal and learn HTML and CSS. Some of us have transitioned well and have actually grown to love our curly-braces and semicolons, but it wasn't what we trained for.

For programmers on the other hand, writing code and doing it well is the primary part of their job. And there's actually a lot that we can learn from them about writing good CSS.

In this talk, John will examine a number of programming principles and demonstrate how they apply within the context of CSS. Principles like:

* Keeping your code DRY (Don't repeat yourself)
* Abstracting common problems
* Choosing great names
* Creating a well structured project
* Being aware of common code smells
* Making your code more modular

You are certain to walk away with something to apply to your current project.

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John W. Long

October 14, 2014