Why Groovy Berlin GUG March 2018

Why Groovy Berlin GUG March 2018

**** WARNING ****
The answers to the Groovy Truth or Myth questions have been removed. Please don't spoil it for future attendees.

Groovy has been around for a long time, but over the last several years, Groovy has changed a lot. Some of the articles, blog posts, and talks published about early versions of Groovy are just no longer true. By the end of this session, you’ll be able to tell some of the best Groovy truth from fiction and leave with some solid arguments for your boss and others as to why Groovy is such an awesome, productive, and readable alternative language for the JVM.

We'll start with some of the community’s favorite features like special operators, optional typing, metaprogramming, and dynamic vs. static compilation. We’ll also explore popular libraries and frameworks where knowing Groovy would be helpful such as Gradle build files, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, and Apache Spark. The session concludes with ways to learn more and how to contribute to making Groovy even more groovy.



March 20, 2018