Code as Art

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August 06, 2019

Code as Art

If code is art, what mediums are included in that definition? Is application code art? What about build scripts and config files? Let’s explore similarities between code and art, such as structure, training, sharing, and appreciation by the community.



August 06, 2019


  1. # info.yaml title: "Code as Art" speaker: name: "Jenn Strater"

    twitter: “@codeJENNerator"
  2. Hilma af Klint Evolution No. 15 public domain @codeJENNerator

  3. Modified from: @codeJENNerator

  4. Westerwald Pottery Exhibit Rijks Museum Amsterdam 2015 @codeJENNerator

  5. Marcel Duchamp, Fontaine, 1917 @codeJENNerator

  6. Similarities @codeJENNerator

  7. @codeJENNerator Uniqueness

  8. @codeJENNerator Business Logic @codeJENNerator Internal Frameworks Data Centers modified

  9. –Marilina Maraviglia, About Art - What Do We Really Mean “‘Art is often considered the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions…” @codeJENNerator
  10. @codeJENNerator Berlin Street Art Communication

  11. @codeJENNerator

  12. @codeJENNerator Marieme Jamme @mjamme at Javaland Community

  13. @codeJENNerator Minimalism Kasmir Malevich in the Stedelijk Museum

  14. @codeJENNerator Minimalism

  15. @codeJENNerator Mediums Joseph Ducreux @ Louvre, Migrant woman: Dresden

    Street Art 2018, Prague Astronomical Clock 2019, Nike of Samothrace:
  16. Code Mediums @codeJENNerator

  17. @codeJENNerator

  18. @codeJENNerator

  19. Is your code…? • Unique? • Deliberate? • Conveying a

    message? • Shared with the community? • Within a set of constraints? @codeJENNerator
  20. @codeJENNerator Write code; create art!