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I Have No Talent

I Have No Talent

Keynote presentation for the 2010 Great Lakes Ruby Bash.

John Nunemaker

December 30, 2010

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  1. Ordered List John Nunemaker Great Lakes Ruby Bash, Lansing MI

    April 17, 2010 I Have No Talent An Organized Rant
  2. None
  3. Background The Rant That Struck A Nerve

  4. None
  5. The Gods First Nerve

  6. The Mortals Second Nerve

  7. The Path We are all on it (at different points).

  8. 1. You Must Measure Yourself against you in the past

  9. None
  10. 2003 html, css, flash, photoshop, ftp oakprairiefarms.com, johnnunemaker.com

  11. 2004 college grad, php, mysql, js, standards a lot of

    php/mysql admin areas
  12. 2005 ajax, coldfusion, oracle, prototype, scriptaculous addictedtonew.com, mysql table wrapper,

    addicted to feedburner and flickr libs
  13. 2006 rails, ruby, terminal, http requests, parsing xml/json, version control,

    class/instance variables, testing first rails site, railstips.org, nd forum
  14. 2007 conductor, nd.edu, snitch, lorem, scrobbler, mirrored deployment, delegation, actionscript

  15. 2008 googlebase, googlreader, statwhore, httparty, user_stamp, happymapper jquery, merb, git(hub),

  16. 2009 columbus, google-weather, crack, mongomapper, harmony oauth, mongodb, single page

    apps, include/extend, inheritance, tdd
  17. 2010 proxies, identity map, composition, design patterns, refactoring, sinatra mongotips.com,

    wand, canable, joint, gemwhois
  18. Generic to Specific I Learned From

  19. Learning to Doing I Transitioned From

  20. “ Aristotle What we have to learn to do, we

    learn by doing.
  21. 2003-2010

  22. 2003-2010 40+ oss projects

  23. 2003-2010 40+ oss projects 100+ websites/applications

  24. 2003-2010 40+ oss projects 100+ websites/applications 470+ blog posts

  25. 2003-2010 40+ oss projects 100+ websites/applications 470+ blog posts a

    lot of code
  26. To work hard and practice deliberately 2. You Must Choose

  27. Choose You Must

  28. You Must Choose

  29. “ Jim Collins Greatness is not a function of circumstances.

    Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice. You must maintain an unwavering faith that you can, and will prevail in the end. Good To Great
  30. “ Malcolm Gladwell We sometimes think of being good at

    mathematics as an innate ability. You either have "it" or you don't. [...] it's not so much ability as attitude. You master mathematics if you are willing to try. Outliers
  31. Work Hard You Must

  32. “ Children who associate success with hard work tend to

    have a “mastery-oriented response” to challenging situations, while children who see themselves as just plain “smart” or “dumb,” or “good” or “bad” at something, have a “learned helplessness orientation.” Josh Waitzkin The Art of Learning
  33. “ Jim Stigler, UCLA Prof The Japanese [teachers] want their

    kids to struggle. [...] American teachers, though, worked like waiters. Whenever there was a struggle, they wanted to move past it, make sure the class kept gliding along. But you don't learn by gliding. The Teaching Gap
  34. “ Great companies did not focus on what to do,

    but rather what not to do and what to stop doing. Jim Collins Good To Great
  35. Practice Deliberately You Must

  36. “ The best people in any field are those who

    devote the most hours to what the researchers call “deliberate practice”. Geoffrey Colvin What It Takes To Be Great
  37. “ For example: Simply hitting a bucket of balls is

    not deliberate practice, which is why most golfers don't get better. Hitting an eight-iron 300 times with a goal of leaving the ball within 20 feet of the pin 80 percent of the time, continually observing results and making appropriate adjustments, and doing that for hours every day - that's deliberate practice. Geoffrey Colvin What It Takes To Be Great
  38. “ Understand that talent doesn’t mean intelligence, motivation or personality

    traits. It’s an innate ability to do some specific activity especially well. Geoffrey Colvin What It Takes To Be Great
  39. “ Geoffrey Colvin Maybe we can't expect most people to

    achieve greatness. It's just too demanding. But the striking, liberating news is that greatness isn't reserved for a preordained few. It is available to you and to everyone. What It Takes To Be Great
  40. Ordered List Thank you! [email protected] John Nunemaker Great Lakes Ruby

    Bash, Lansing MI April 17, 2010 @jnunemaker