Elixir by a Rubyist

98195776df79590269541395c699f816?s=47 João Moura
September 21, 2015

Elixir by a Rubyist

If you are just getting started with Elixir or want to start learning it, this talk is perfect for you.
We'll go trough basics and dive into the language! Check the ecosytem that is emerging around it focusing into build web applications using Elixir's greatest features.
In this talk we'll talk about what is Functional Programming, how it works, why you should consider using it when building new applications and how elixir is driven by it.
It'll also point out the similarities between Elixir and Ruby, it aim to help Rubyists to understand it in an easier way. If you are a Rubyist you will probably feel great about this talk.


João Moura

September 21, 2015