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Lean an Innovative Organization—SSH

Lean an Innovative Organization—SSH

Does your organization want product innovation and business agility? Yet, do you feel constrained by your organization's processes? You are not alone—some managers feel those constraints, too.

Instead, managers can rethink how to work to manage for change. They can create a collaborative culture, starting with managers. That culture allows them to reduce friction and still get the results the organization needs.

Johanna Rothman

June 14, 2022

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  1. Johanna Rothman @johannarothman www.jrothman.com Lead an Innovative Organization: From Change

    Management to Manage FOR Change
  2. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Your organization wants innovation. How

    do they act? 2
  3. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Does Your Organization Demand: •

    Detailed plans: • Estimates • Schedules • ROI • Upfront planning 3
  4. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Does Your Organization Offer: •

    An opportunity where you know: • The value of your work • The goal for this version of the product • Trust for you to do the right thing • Request for demos on a regular basis 4
  5. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman The Demand for Unknowable Data

    vs The Offer for Great Work 5
  6. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Demands are Theory X; Offers

    are Theory Y 6
  7. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Don’t blame the managers. They

    are part of a greater system of work. 7
  8. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Want innovation? Innovate management/leadership practices.

  9. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Consider These Suggestions 1. Management

    teams at all levels work for one overarching goal 2. Reduce organizational WIP 3. Eliminate performance management 9
  10. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman 1. Theory Y Management for

    Management • Do your functional managers/leaders collaborate? • Organizations based on individual rewards: • Reduce management collaboration • Create slow decisions • Optimize too low 10
  11. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Hierarchical Decisions Take Forever 11

  12. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Management Teams • We already

    talk about teams for senior leadership and product • Many orgs have a cohort at one level • Why not have cohorts at each level? 12
  13. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman About Management Flow Ef fi

    ciency • Manager outcomes are decisions, not features • When managers work in fl ow ef fi ciency as a team they make faster decisions 13
  14. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman 2. Reduce Organizational WIP •

    The fallacy of resource ef fi ciency • When everyone is busy, we’ll get more work out of them! • Resource ef fi ciency, which optimizes for outputs and time • Instead, we need to optimize for deliverables and value • Team works together 14
  15. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Focus on the Flow of

    Work, Not the Person • Resource ef fi ciency looks ef fi cient • But it focuses on the person, not the work • Delays inside the team, between teams and projects compete with each other for people • Multitasking costs • Agile teams (& mgmt teams) need to work in fl ow ef fi ciency 15
  16. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman What Teams Need Instead of

    Utilization • Decide why the organization exists: the overarching goal • Goal for this product now (purpose) • Reduce organizational WIP & decide what not to do for now • Experiment to reduce/eliminate wait states 16
  17. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Limit organizational WIP to support

    the fl ow of work through teams 17
  18. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman 3. Eliminate Performance Management •

    Performance management does not work • Ranking doesn’t work • Comparing people or teams doesn’t work • Competition doesn’t work • Feedback, especially reinforcing feedback, does work 18
  19. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Create Engagement • Put Theory

    Y to use • Explain the purpose, the why, at all levels, from organization down to team • Encourage personal and team mastery with fl ow ef fi ciency • Create an opportunistic culture, where people discover new and interesting work, skills, collaboration, and more 19
  20. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Feedback Tips • More reinforcing

    feedback than change- focused feedback • Peer-to-peer feedback: • Create an opening to deliver feedback. • Use data to describe the behavior or result in a way that the person can hear. • State the impact on you, using "I" language. • Make a request for changed or continued behavior. 20
  21. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Instead of Performance Management… •

    Regular one-on-ones to build a trusting relationship • Create goals that support the entire team • Autonomy, mastery, purpose • Create some team-based compensation • Jungle-gym career ladders based on in fl uence, not individual achievement 21
  22. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman 22

  23. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Manage for change: Optimize to

    learn 23
  24. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Start with management innovation That

    will free you to lead an innovative organization 24
  25. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Three Big Ideas • Create

    management teams with an overarching goal using Theory Y • Reduce organizational WIP • Eliminate performance management 25
  26. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman All 7 Modern Management Principles

    1. Clarify your purpose (you, team, organization). 2. Build empathy with the people who do the work. 3. Build a safe environment. 4. Seek outcomes and optimize for the overarching goal. 5. Encourage experiments and learning. 6. Catch people succeeding. 7. Exercise your value-based integrity. 26
  27. © 2022 Johanna Rothman @johannarothman Let’s Stay in Touch •

    Pragmatic Manager: • www.jrothman.com/ pragmaticmanager • Please link with me on LinkedIn • Modern Management Made Easy: https://www.jrothman.com/mmme 27