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The Most Popular Fabrics for Childrens Pyjamas

September 24, 2013

The Most Popular Fabrics for Childrens Pyjamas

While choosing a pyjama for your kid, the correct type of fabric plays an important role. Choose the right one at http://www.miniwardrobe.com/kids-pyjamas.html


September 24, 2013

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  1. Fabrics in Kids PJs While choosing a pyjama for your

    kid, the correct type of fabric plays an important role. You have to consider: – thermal comfort; – possible allergies; – absorption of moisture; – ease of washing.
  2. Different Fabrics There are a lot of fabrics. The most

    common are: - Cotton - Satin - Fleece - Linen - Jersey - Flannel
  3. Cotton It's cheap, lightweight, breathable, soft, durable, absolutely natural, wonderful,

    amazing, extraordinary, etc and etc. BUT! It wrinkles easily, stretches and wears out.
  4. Fleece Synthetic fabric, made from polyester. It is warm and

    cosy, does not wrinkle and dries out fast. Also it absorbs moisture very well. Rumors suggest that the fabric can be made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles.
  5. Jersey It is made of wool, cotton and synthetic fibres.

    Easily stretches and returns to the original form. It is lightweight and warm. But it requires gentle washing and use of warm water and mild detergent.
  6. Satin A luxury fabric, that will make your daughter feel

    like a princess. Recommended for the warmer seasons. The fabric is made out of mixture of silk, nylon or polyester.
  7. Linen Very sophisticated natural fabric. Breathable, lightweight and comfortable. But

    it wrinkles easily and requires washing by hand or on gentle cycle.
  8. Flannel Heavier weave of cotton. It has almost same properties.

    However, it is thicker, therefore, more suitable for the colder seasons and weather.
  9. Natural or Man-made Natural Man-made Cotton Fleece Flannel Jersey Linen

    Satin While choosing between natural and man-made fabric, parents should think about possible allergic reaction to artificial fabries, discomfort or thermal fluctuations
  10. Organic Pyjamas If you are absolute supporter of natural, you

    can choose an 'organic pyjama': – Usualy made out of cotton or bamboo – No chemicals are used during cultivation – No chemicals used during fabric processing and dying – No fire resistant chemicals used
  11. Final choice However, don't forget, that fabric is only one

    of the properties. Also pay attention to design, colours, size and other details. The final choice is always the child's.