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"The Bootiful Microservice" at SpringOne2GX 2015

Fb22593caf24e4bb4c98d467cdd247e6?s=47 Josh Long
September 15, 2015

"The Bootiful Microservice" at SpringOne2GX 2015

This is the talk that Dr. Dave Syer and I gave at SpringOne2GX 2015.

We had a special guest, Dr. Rod Johnson, first founder of Spring, join us on stage.


Josh Long

September 15, 2015


  1. B O O T I F U L M I

    C R O S E RV I C E Josh Long (⻰龙之春) @starbuxman T H E Dr. Dave Syer @david_syer
  2. Dr. David Syer Dr. Cloud Native • @david_syer •

    • co-founder: Spring, Spring Batch, Spring Security OAuth, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud
  3. Josh Long (⻰龙之春) the Spring Developer Advocate • •

    @starbuxman • • Java Champion • open-source contributor 
 (Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Integration, Vaadin, Activiti, etc etc)
  4. the economics of the cloud have changed everything. the architecture

    of modern applications look nothing like they did when Spring was created but technologies like Spring Boot and Spring Cloud continue to serve us well, thanks to the principles that underpin it from its inception. joining us on stage today is Spring founder Dr. Rod Johnson. this is his first SpringOne2GX in 5 years.
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