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Building software that makes design fun

Building software that makes design fun

As part of Deliveroo's first Minimum Viable Event I spoke about how we build our software with our data-driven processes in mind so we can build new designs faster.


JP Hastings-Spital

February 23, 2016


  1. Hi! I’m JP and I work at

  2. Building software that makes design fun

  3. Product Define the problem

  4. Design Product Make it usable and engaging

  5. Engineering Design Product Build it

  6. QA Engineering Design Product Find & fix issues

  7. QA Engineering Design Product Ship it!

  8. Data Science QA Engineering Design Product Did we build the

    right thing?
  9. Let the numbers guide your design

  10. View the list of restaurants Place an order Wander off

    50% 50%
  11. 3.15% more orders placed than the control > 99% confidence,

    because many people were tested
  12. Beware of subjective feedback A/B test: No Cuisine Filter +

    0.31% (Insufficient confidence)
  13. Remove obstacles to trying new things fast Continuous Delivery

  14. Automated testing Automated deployment Immediate feedback

  15. Over 9000 tests, 30 times a day Average of 10

    deploys a day Plan, build and ship within 1 week
  16. Real London traffic lights go green when new features are

    being deployed and new variance tests are running!
  17. Tool up to make data core to product design @jphastings