Being for the Benefit of Future Developer

03e04db3b6880c3a2f8114649312f733?s=47 John Pignata
February 15, 2013

Being for the Benefit of Future Developer

Talk given at DUMBODevs ( on 2/15/13.

A successful software project will pass between the hands of many different developers in its lifetime. What we sometimes bitterly refer to as "legacy code" is often the bread and butter of our organizations and "brownfield development" is the bulk of software development. Just as we've inherited projects from other developers, we leave our projects to Future Developer when we move on. His or her success and job satisfaction will be in large part dictated by the quality of what we've left behind. How do we keep our fields as green as possible for these future generations of developers? The practices we employ to deliver our projects define the genetics that guide their evolution both now and far beyond our last commit. In this talk we'll look at some practices we can use in all aspects of our day-to-day work to setup Future Developer for success and happiness.


John Pignata

February 15, 2013