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Dotting your i's and crossing your t's - how to make good code great

Dotting your i's and crossing your t's - how to make good code great

Presented on October 3rd 2015 at the PHP North West, Manchester, United Kingdom.
Ever had to go back to code you did over a year ago? And, did you like it? We all love well documented, testable, easily readable and understandable code. But how do you write it, and what tools are available to help you? What can you do now to make your life and the life of your successor(s) and users easier?

Learn how to avoid a build up of technical debt and make your good code awesome!

If you download the slides, the links should be clickable. Unfortunately they don't seem to be in the online deck, so here's a list of the links:

Slide 10
Technical debt in PHP projects: http://blog.insight.sensiolabs.com/2014/11/04/technical-debt-relevant-projects.html

Slide 11
Types of Technical Debt: http://www.martinfowler.com/bliki/TechnicalDebtQuadrant.html

Slide 12
How Quality affects software costs: http://www.sqgne.org/presentations/2010-11/Jones-Nov-2010.pdf

Slide 14
PHPUnderControl: http://phpundercontrol.org/
Sonar: http://www.sonarsource.com/

Slide 19
PSRs: http://www.php-fig.org/

Slide 20 - Debugging tools:
XDEBUG: http://xdebug.org/
PHP lint: http://www.icosaedro.it/phplint/
JS lint + hint: http://www.jslint.com/ , http://www.javascriptlint.com/ , http://www.jshint.com/
Firebug: http://getfirebug.com/
Profile: https://github.com/joehoyle/Time-Stack

Slide 21 - Educate yourself:
PHP manual: http://php.net/manual
PHP The Right Way: http://phptherightway.com/
ClearPHP: https://github.com/dseguy/clearPHP/blob/master/rules/README.md
phpcheatsheets.com: http://phpcheatsheets.com/
OWASP top 10: http://owasp.org/

Slide 28
PHP Code Sniffer: http://pear.php.net/package/PHP_CodeSniffer/
PHP CS-Fixer: http://cs.sensiolabs.org/

Slide 30
PHP cross-version compatibility ruleset for PHPCS: https://github.com/wimg/PHPCompatibility

Slide 38
PHPDocumentor: http://www.phpdoc.org/
PHPDox: http://phpdox.de/
ApiGen: http://www.apigen.org/

Slide 43
PHPUnit: http://phpunit.de/

Slide 45
Codeception: http://codeception.com/
Behat: http://behat.org/
Selenium: http://docs.seleniumhq.org/

Slide 48
pDepend: http://pdepend.org/
PHPLOC: https://github.com/sebastianbergmann/phploc

Slide 49
PHP Mess Detector: http://phpmd.org/

Slide 50
PHP Copy Paste Detector: https://github.com/sebastianbergmann/phpcpd

Slide 51
PHP Dead Code Detector: https://github.com/sebastianbergmann/phpdcd

Slide 56
Git hooks: http://git-scm.com/docs/githooks.html and http://git-scm.com/book/en/Customizing-Git-Git-Hooks
Phing: http://www.phing.info/
Robo: http://robo.li/
Grunt: http://gruntjs.com/
Capistrano: http://capistranorb.com/
Gulp: http://gulpjs.com/

Slide 57:
Sonar: http://www.sonarsource.com/
Jenkins: http://jenkins-ci.org/
Travis: https://travis-ci.org/
Scrutinizer CI: http://scrutinizer-ci.com/
Circle CI: https://circleci.com/
PHP-CI: https://github.com/block8/phpci
Atlassian Bamboo: https://www.atlassian.com/software/bamboo
Exakat: http://www.exakat.io/online-demo/

Slide 62
Geek and Poke: http://geek-and-poke.com/
OSNews: http://osnews.com/comics

Slide 63:
Slides - well, you found them already ;-)
Feedback: https://joind.in/15432
Contact me: https://twitter.com/jrf_nl

Juliette Reinders Folmer

October 03, 2015

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  2. #phpnw15 Potential defects Coding style Documentation Code coverage Code duplication

    Code complexity Unshared knowledge or code Unstable deployment process Outdated third party dependencies Technical Debt
  3. #phpnw15 Prevent Bugs  Apply best practices • APIs •

    Security • Avoid conflict • Lean & mean • Optimize • Apply PSR's
  4. #phpnw15 Prevent Bugs  Apply best practices  Use debugging

    tools • error_reporting() • XDEBUG • PHP lint • JS lint + hint • Firebug + extensions • Profile
  5. #phpnw15 Prevent Bugs  Apply best practices  Use debugging

    tools  Educate yourself • PHP manual • PHP The Right Way • Clear PHP • phpcheatsheets.com • OWASP top 10 • Conferences !
  6. #phpnw15 PHP Coding Standards PSR-1 PSR-2 PEAR Squiz Zend Framework

    Symphony Drupal WordPress TYPO3 Magento CakePHP FuelPHP ....
  7. #phpnw15 Documenting Your Code /** * Retrieve the (cached) file

    list for path. * * @param string $path * @param bool|null $recursive * @param string|array $allowed_extensions * * @return array|false File list array or false if an invalid path was provided */ public static function get_file_list( $path, $recursive = false, $allowed_extensions = null ) { }
  8. #phpnw15 Documenting Your Code /** * Retrieve the (cached) file

    list for path. * * @todo Check how optimized scandir() is and whether it would be useful to get a list * of all files first and only later filter for allowed extensions / subdirs. * * @since 0.5 * * @uses DirectoryWalker::$cache * @uses DirectoryWalker::validate_exts() * @uses DirectoryWalker::traverse_directory() * * @static * * @param string $path Path to directory. * @param bool|null $recursive Whether or not to walk subdirectories. * @param string|array $allowed_extensions Array of extensions to filter the files on. * * @return array|false File list array or false if an invalid path was provided */ public static function get_file_list( $path, $recursive = false, $allowed_extensions = null ) { }
  9. #phpnw15  Git hooks  Phing  Robo  Grunt

     Capistrano  Gulp ... etc...
  10. #phpnw15  Sonar  Jenkins  Travis  Scrutinizer CI

     Circle CI  PHP-CI  Atlassian Bamboo  Exakat ... etc...
  11. #phpnw15 Always code as if the guy who ends up

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