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Ember.js Framework

September 27, 2014

Ember.js Framework

JSIST 2014
By : Sean Yu


September 27, 2014

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  1. Modern SaaS for Turkey • Turkish small businesses need innovation

    & information • 3mm SMEs (99% of market) with no access to easy, affordable finance management software • Must create intuitive, beautiful, fun yet sophisticated, enterprise-ready application • Must do so in “lean startup” way
  2. Invoices Expenses Inventory Contacts Tracking Printing Employees Tracking Import/ Export

    Reports Mobile Portal Supplier/ Vendor Email e-invoice Expense report Invites as viral channel Invites as viral channel Government 3rd Parties Banks API Users (roles) Accounting Automation
  3. Andaç Türkmen ! CTO Co-Founder Fahri Özkaramanlı ! Designer Co-Founder

    Barış Gümüştaş ! Full Stack Dev. Oytun Yücel ! Full Stack Dev. Tuğcem Yalçın ! Full Stack Dev. Daniel Swakman ! Designer Our Team
  4. Technical Challenges • Providing a great and smooth user experience

    • Almost native feeling • Has a complex functionality • Constant development of new features • Tweaking features according to customer needs
  5. The process • We were trying to choose between Angular,

    Backbone and Ember.js • It was beginning of spring ’13 • Backbone had a huge community but it would need too much work on our side • Angular and Ember.js were both new at the time and they were almost the same size when it comes to community and adoption • At the end we chose Ember.js because:
  6. Ember.js Philosophy • Built with similar logic to backend frameworks

    so it’s quite familiar • Convention over configuration • Good documentation • Provides the tools for abstraction & decoupling • Provides a great support library (stuff like enumerables and utility methods, similar to ActiveSupport if you are a ruby dev) • Optimized for developer happiness (Yehuda Katz’s own words)
  7. Apps Powered by Ember.js http://builtwithember.io/ Heroku’s new dashboard twitch.tv Travis

    CI Discourse Square dashboard Vine Apple’s help pages Skylight
  8. Ember.js • Model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern • Not exactly like

    the server-side MVC • Based on SproutCore which is similar to Cocoa • A Rich Object Model • Utilities gathering best practices and common idioms • Data Binding
  9. We needed a tool to manage our build process and

    serve the frontend during development.
  10. What is Ember App Kit • Developed by Ember.js core

    team member Stefan Penner • Provides a project structure • Package management via Bower • Grunt based workflow • Transpiles ES6 Modules • LESS,SASS,Stylus and CoffeeScript support • JS Linting via JSHint • Anything else you need through Grunt tasks • Testing https://github.com/stefanpenner/ember-app-kit
  11. ES6 modules • Simple way of managing dependencies by using

    ‘import’ and ‘export’ • Named exports • You can use name resolving for loading dependencies. • We are transpiling ES6 modules to require.js until the standard is matured enough and natively supported by browsers.
  12. Testing • There’s QUnit, Ember Testing for writing tests •

    Karma and Testem as test runners • TDD in Javascript • Also helpful for continuous integration
  13. Compiling Assets • Compiling and serving assets for development •

    May be you want to use CoffeeScript, SCSS or LESS • Optimizing assets for production
  14. Package Management • Using Bower for package management • Version

    management for frontend dependencies • CLI tool for adding and updating dependencies
  15. Ember CLI • Not production ready yet but getting closer!

    • Everything provided by Ember App Kit • Generators • New asset pipeline based on broccoli • Faster asset compilation! • Better organization through more “convention over configuration” • Will become a part of Ember.js when it gets ready for production http://www.ember-cli.com
  16. Broccoli • Browser compilation library – a build tool for

    applications that run in the browser • Similar to Gulp but focused on asset compilation • Still beta but getting close • Like grunt but for specifically for compiling assets for browsers https://github.com/joliss/broccoli