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From Website to Webapp: Introducing SAFE

September 28, 2014

From Website to Webapp: Introducing SAFE

JSIST 2014
By : Murat Çorlu


September 28, 2014

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  1. Sahibinden.com Leading classified website of Turkey 2 millions of visitors

    for a day 3 billions of pageviews for a month 4.5 millions of active classified online 16 minutes of average visit duration
  2. pain of front-end developers Backend oriented development environment Long adaptation

    period Similar problems different solutions Dependent teams to each other
  3. then adventure has begun Browsers are clients like mobile apps

    Backend should focus on it's tasks Frontend should focus on it's tasks too Unlimited scalability: Using visitors' devices
  4. what we success Totally seperated development environment Working without a

    backend (connect-api-mocker@github/sahibinden) More testable code (karma) Less fault tolerant (jshint) Less boring tasks (stylus, grunt)