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Managing InnerSource Ecosystems

Managing InnerSource Ecosystems

Slides for an internal webinar about how organizations facing InnerSource could use the data and metrics related with software development to help management.

Manrique Lopez

March 26, 2020

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  1. Share this! @Bitergia Bitergia Share this! @Bitergia Managing remote and

    collaborative software development InnerSource ecosystems #innersource March, 2020
  2. Share this! @Bitergia Bitergia “Without data, you are just a

    person with an opinion” William Edwards Deming
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  4. Share this! @Bitergia Bitergia “Collecting data is only the first

    step toward wisdom, but sharing data is the first step toward community” Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
  5. Share this! @Bitergia Bitergia For example... Data sources supported by

    GrimoireLab (100% free, libre, open source software)
  6. Share this! @Bitergia Bitergia “Human beings adjust behavior based on

    the metrics they’re held against. Anything you measure will impel a person to optimize his score on that metric. What you measure is what you’ll get. Period”. You Are What You Measure by Dan Ariely
  7. Share this! @Bitergia Bitergia “Strategy without tactics is the slowest

    route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” Sun Tzu
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    project focused on analytics tools and metrics to measure community health Bitergia Analytics based on GrimoireLab One of CHAOSS Software foundation projects focused on Software Development Analytics 100% free, open source software
  9. Share this! @Bitergia Bitergia Increase the Adoption of Projects Question

    #1: How many people are contributing month by month? Question #2: Are our contributors base increasing? Question #3: What are the data sources with lower barriers to contribute? Question #4: How many months in a row have we had a growth in the number of contributors?
  10. Share this! @Bitergia Bitergia Increase Projects Engagement Question #1: Which

    projects contributors/BUs interacts most with? Question #2: What is the general trend my contributors follow across data sources? Question #3: What path are my contributors following when getting involved with InnerSource projects?
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    for questions About me: J. Manrique López <[email protected]> CEO @ Bitergia @jsmanrique