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Kotlin for Developers

Kotlin for Developers

An overview of Kotlin.


Judith Oiku

August 31, 2019



  2. A little about myself  

  3. Brief Recap on Kotlin

  4. Evolution of Kotlin February, 2016 Kotlin V.1.0 released July ,

    2011 JetBrains unveiled Kotlin February , 2012 Kotlin was open sourced under Apache 2.0 license May, 2017 Google I/O Kotlin was adopted for Android officially
  5. Types of Apps that can be built with Kotlin Server

    – side Apps In any framework such as Spring Boot, Vert.X, JSF, Ktor Desktop Applications JavaFX, TornadoFX Web Development Kotlin/JS Android Development Native Development Kotlin/native library
  6. Brief Recap Google I/O 2019 on Kotlin . Over 50%

    of professional Android developers now use Kotlin, its been one of the most-loved languages two years running on Stack Overflow , and one of the fastest-growing on Github in number of contributors Read More: Android Developers Blog
  7. Apps built with Kotlin

  8. Why Kotlin? Its Importance Kotlin experience is in demand Develop

    project’s faster - less boilerplate, less code more Improve the quality of built apps results, code looks clean Can be used with existing Java libraries Officially supported by Google for Android development Many resources for building your skills Kotlin on stage at Google I/O 2018
  9. Resources for Learning    

  10. Finals Words Fun fact

  11. Thank you @OseJudith