Surfacing the Products You Love on Spring

B9c37c30e9e196fa2f2d52ce7b724677?s=47 Julie Qiu
February 28, 2018

Surfacing the Products You Love on Spring

Spring is a digital shopping destination that helps customers quickly find the products they love. They’re using Elasticsearch to return more relevant search results on their catalog of more than 300,000 products.

Learn how the Spring team builds a product catalog with Elasticsearch. Hear how they ensure product data is synced with information from external vendors — including product-specific metadata. Take a closer look at their Elasticsearch ingestion process, where they use cron jobs and NSQ to update products at least once every 12 hours. Plus, learn about projects the Spring team has tackled to improve their index and better understand their users' intent, including text search improvements with natural language processing (NLP) and refining products by color.


Julie Qiu

February 28, 2018