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Creative coding - why "doing nothing" doesn't mean you're not working

February 24, 2012

Creative coding - why "doing nothing" doesn't mean you're not working

As programmers we create the most fantastic systems and constructions out of nothing, and there are endless possibilities in achieving this. Yet we are still confided by the structure and rules of the language we use, which makes programming an exciting profession to be in: in the cross fire of creativeness and boundaries. Our most important tool, no, not Vim, but the brain, can handle this perfectly well. Unfortunately, and much like the rest of the world, there is a clear focus on logic, rationality, and knowledge of the parts. An expert coder is also intuitive, creative, and remembers to include the whole picture.

This talk covers the creative process, our dual CPU-brain and the cognitive skills needed for successful programming. As an added bonus we will also investigate why doing nothing does not mean you are not working.


February 24, 2012

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  1. This then is programming, both a tar pit in which

    many efforts have floundered and a creative activity with joys and woes all its own - Fred brooks, The mythical man month
  2. How can I use this? • Intuitivity is an expert

    trait • Pattern matching is a spatial ability - code faster • Holistic and analogic - useful when designing • Learn by synthesis • Analogy and metaphors • Pair programming
  3. Analogic xdebug.scream Type: boolean, Default value: 0, Introduced in Xdebug

    2.1 If this setting is 1, then Xdebug will disable the @ (shut-up) operator so that notices, warnings and errors are no longer hidden
  4. Easter eggs cont. • PHP Credits http://www.php.net/?=PHPB8B5F2A0-3C92-11d3-A3A9-4C7B08C10000 • ↑ ↑

    ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A start • Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol ◦ 418 I'm a teapot
  5. Sources http://pragprog.com/titles/ahptl/pragmatic-thinking-and-learning - Andy Hunt The master and his Emisary

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