Unleash your inner author

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February 23, 2013

Unleash your inner author

Syntax is for machines, words are for humans, and code needs to satisfy both. It is easy to forget that once your carefully crafted code leaves your hands it isn't the problem you've been trying to solve any more, it has become a solution. The reason why you chose your solution over another is important and you have to make it clear to the next programmer who reads your code. This is when you have to unleash your inner author, and start communicating with your reader. That reader is the next person who needs to add to or fix your code, and more times that you'd like to admit - that reader is yourself. Think about that person when you code, and future you will thank you. This talk will cover why reading code is a dreaded task, we'll have a look at what "the trigger-trap" is and how you can avoid it, and we'll finish off with some writing tips to the programmer.



February 23, 2013