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What's new in ARKit2

What's new in ARKit2


Kane Liu

June 21, 2018


  1. What’s New in ARKit2 #CA.swift Report from WWDC2018 Ryu Ka,

    @Ameba Clipblog, iOS/Android Engineer LBOFMJV LBOF@MJV
  2. AR History

  3. AR in Apple Park

  4. AR in WWDC2018

  5. ARKit Recap SceneKit SpriteKit Metal2

  6. ARKit2 New Features ɾSaving and Loading Maps ɾEnvironment Texturing ɾImage

    Tracking ɾObject Detection ɾFace Tracking Enhancements ɾ*AR Quick Look* NEW
  7. World Tracking ɾPosition and orientation ɾPhysical scale ɾ3D feature points

  8. ARWorldMap ɾMapping of physical 3D space ɾMutable list of named

    anchors ɾRaw feature points and extent ɾSerialization
  9. Persistence

  10. Persistence & Share

  11. Multi-User Experience Creating a Multiuser AR Experience

  12. World Mapping Status

  13. World Tracking Enhancements ɾSaving and loading maps ɾFaster initialization and

    plane detection ɾRobust tracking and plane detection ɾMore accurate extent and boundary ɾContinuous autofocus ɾNew 4:3 video formats
  14. Environment Texturing ARKit2 Rendering

  15. Environment Texturing ɾPosition and orientation ɾScale ɾLighting ɾShadow
 ɾReflection of

  16. Image Tracking

  17. Image Tracking Demo

  18. Image Tracking Demo

  19. Image Tracking Demo Setup Tracking Rendering Github: Image Tracking Demo

  20. Object Detection Scanned Object

  21. Object Detection Scan Detect Scanning and detecting 3D objects

  22. Face Tracking Enhancement

  23. *AR Quick Look*

  24. What can AR do for us? Let’s Thinking

  25. Download demo source & build with Xcode12 IUUQTHJUIVCDPNLBOFMJV*NBHF5SBDLJOH%FNP ɾWhat’s New

    in ARKit2 ɾUnderstanding ARKit Tracking and Detection ɾIntegrating Apps and Content with AR Quick Look
  26. Thank you for listening!!!