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How to use the 3D Printer and create the 3D Model data for printing

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October 10, 2016

How to use the 3D Printer and create the 3D Model data for printing



October 10, 2016


  1. How to use the 3D Printer and create the 3D

    Model data for printing. 10/15/2016 FREEWAY GRAND FRONT Osaka Takeshi Kashihara
  2. Introduce myself Live in Umeda. This picture taken from my

    room balcony. Name : Takeshi Kashihara Nickname : Kassy • Web designer • 3DCG designer • teaches at a college and a vocational school.
  3. Today, I’m going to speak about the 3D printer.

  4. What is the 3D Printer? • the computer equipment for

    printing out the solid object. • It's has been used by many people these few years. • The cost is getting lower, and the size getting smaller.
  5. How to print out the object? It's need to get

    the 3D model data, or you have to make the 3D Model Data.
  6. I made a 3D model character. It's called ‘Wapuu’.

  7. What is Wapuu? ‘Wapuu’ is official character of WordPress in

    Japan. (WordPress is a web software, the most popular CMS Software.)
  8. There are many variations of Wapuu around the world.

  9. Wapuu is born everywhere in Japan.

  10. They are also born in overseas.

  11. Wapuu goods Badge, Sticker, Mug cup,T-Shorts ,etc...

  12. Wapuu Emoji

  13. Wapuu Amigurumi

  14. Wapuu stuffed animal

  15. Wapuu Mascot (But where is the ball?)

  16. And... Wapuu is loved by worldwide WordPress users.

  17. I made the 3D version of Wapuu.

  18. I made him(her?) by using The 3DCG Software Using Maya,the

    highend 3DCG Software. It's used in Hollywood film production studios.
  19. Completed 3D Wapuu Data After that, I was asked to

    print out this Wapuu Data.
  20. It was first challenge of printing out the Wapuu 3D

    data. probably the world’s first.
  21. The 3D Printer I used. MakerBot Replicator 2 Amazon Japan

    sells it at a price of 344,800 yen.
  22. Imported 3D Data to the designated software for 3D Printer,

    and printing out process began!
  23. But...

  24. I failed many times. I made many Mickey Mouse instead

    of Wapuu. And a failure occurred even 90% process.
  25. The cause of trouble The machine condition ware in bad

    condition. I changed the parts and gave it the good maintenance to all of the machine.
  26. After that, I tried to print out that again. will

    it be success this time?
  27. And...

  28. Somehow Wapuu was printed out!

  29. Did that the end of all the process?

  30. It was the beginning of true struggles. No.

  31. The printed object is jagged, so that condition is not

    good. And the object is single color, not painted. The 3D Printer that I used extrude the molten plastic and form the layers that would be piled up and form the solid object.
  32. It still needs to another handwork and steady efforts after

    the process.
  33. First step : Polishing I purchased the sandpaper designated for

    printed out objects.
  34. I needed to polish after polishing while wetting with water.

    Polishing little by little
  35. Second Step : Coatings Using the putty and the surfacer.

  36. coating all of the body by the putty and polishing

  37. painting by the surfacer Undercoating for painting.

  38. Final Step : Painting Masking and painting by the spray.

  39. repeat masking and painting totality six colors.

  40. And...

  41. Wapuu Figure completed !

  42. Golden Wapuu Trophy for 5th anniversary

  43. The Wapuu Figure was exhibited in WordCamp Kansai 2016, a

    WordPress conference.
  44. The Wapuu trophy was given to author of original Wapuu,

    Ms. Kaneuchi Kazuko San.
  45. About the 3D model data of Wapuu

  46. The Wapuu 3D Model data has been released on GitHub.
  47. Anyone can download that data and you can print out

    the same Wapuu object. A while ago,an another country person printed out Wapuu.
  48. The future of 3D Printer.

  49. New material and new system arrived. like rubber, wood,metal.

  50. Depending on ours idea and skill, you can make whatever

    object you like. Cloth,Medical, even building the home!
  51. But if you use 3D printer wrongly, it is dangerous.

    If you misuse like this, you will be arrested.
  52. Whether we use it right or wrong is up to

    you. That is also the same for all kinds of technologies. But technologies will progress more and more without stopping.
  53. Thank you for listening. Let’s have fun watching the progress

    of technologies!