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Chiyo's Ambush

February 23, 2022

Chiyo's Ambush


February 23, 2022


  1. Scene 3 Panel 1 Dialog Kid: "Please, this is all

    I have... My mom needs a booster!"
  2. Scene 6 Panel 9 Dialog Boss: "Without a head on

    a spike, we'll never come back to this dirtball dump!"
  3. Scene 6 Panel 1 Dialog Chiyo: "Andy you've got three

    towns to deliver to after this? Where's all the boost?"
  4. Scene 6 Panel 2 Dialog Guard 1: "Well, they knew

    the new list would be hard to fit...."
  5. Scene 7 Panel 1 Dialog Chiyo: "I only need five

    boosters! I don't care about the rest."
  6. Scene 7 Panel 2 Dialog Concerned mother (O.S.): "Someone stop

    them! They're stealing from Preach Corp!"