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A New Toolbox: Artifact Conference, Providence 2013

Kevin Sharon
November 05, 2013

A New Toolbox: Artifact Conference, Providence 2013

Kevin and Sophie reveal Happy Cog’s design process through their experience building a responsive site from beginning to end, including: kicking off the project, the collaborative design process, and the tools they tweaked along the way. Find out what worked and what they learned. In the end, it should be clear that this is a time for experimentation and finding new approaches for new tasks.

Kevin Sharon

November 05, 2013

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  1. ATX

  2. Research …for design to truly be great, [research] needs to

    be built into your projects from the very beginning.” —Mike Montiero “
  3. “Should the new site look like a magazine or a

    newspaper?” The Design Values Survey
  4. Personality Test Finding out who your customers are is only

    half the question. You also have to understand who you are.” —Aarron Walter “
  5. Start With Content • What did we learn from the

    research? • Define Content Needs
  6. Modules as Hierarchy 0 4 5 3 1 2 Delete

    Utmost Importance Not needed/ Can’t Maintain Nice to Have Maybe, but not important Requested
  7. Modules as Design Plan • Which pages have unique layouts?

    • Which modules can be designed independent of layout?
  8. QA Designer finds bug ➔ Files bug in Sifter ➔

    Developer has question ➔ developer fixes bug ➔ assign back to designer ➔ designer looks at page to confirm ➔ designer closes ticket Designer Finds Bug ➔ Designer Fixes Bug
  9. Tool for Clients • Module Guide • Visual Reference •

    Technical Reference • Content Guide
  10. —Sophie Shepherd (in her head) Is this an April Fool’s

    joke?” “ He’s serious. Deep breathes.” “ Like, Keynote Keynote?” “
  11. Process is decided by • The required deliverables • The

    expected outcomes • The client’s needs • The client’s personality • Audience needs • Budget • Timeline • Project teams • Time zones • Hurricanes • The moon and tides